Why are we Preppers?

People ask us why we are preppers and sometimes I ask myself the same thing. Looking at our country…our world, I have to wonder…are things getting worse? I observe things going along day by day fairly normal fashion. People go to work or school; families spend time in the parks or other family events. Life seems good most of the time, even though costs for basic wants and needs are climbing.  So sometimes, it’s hard for me to envision how far our country will have to fall in order to bring us to the doomsday many preppers (including my husband and I) are preparing for. To think food and fuel shortages, electrical blackouts and other difficulties could arise seem far-fetched.  Yet it could happen overnight.

The tornadoes in Moore OK brought devastation in the matter of minutes. Hurricanes, earthquakes and so many other natural disasters can as well. These are usually localized, but consider what would happen if something on a national scale.

News of government corruption brings the possibility of hard times rushing back. We grasp the national scandals and doubt whether our leaders are being truthful. Our politicians have legislated everything from our health-care, safety, and morality plus anything else they can get away with. These same politicians are spending our nation into ruin. They play God taking from the working and giving to those who cannot, will not or can’t find work. All the while taxing the rest of us into poverty.

On the local front, a friend took his boys into the mountains for a day of camping and hiking only to be hassled and ticketed by the rangers…they were not even in the park. Feds show up at the door of another friend demanding to know where his well is. They say they are going to gps it so if they need to tap it later they can and will. The feds claim rights (through the EPA) that all flowing water belongs to them…state, local or property owners have no rights. Unelected (appointed) officials are regulating many industries beyond what is necessary for safety. They believe they know what is best so they make regulations to force their beliefs on everybody. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

All this brings us to speculate about the future. The fact is I’m amazed things are holding together at all. I find it hard to understand why the public is not questioning and pushing back already. Are they so self-absorbed they don’t comprehend what is happening because it has not touched them yet? Or do they see it and figure, ‘That won’t happen to me or my industry.’?

What will it take to wake them up? In Germany, the people did not see the evil until it was upon them. Everything done to change the country was accomplished under the guise of ‘This is for the good of all.’  Our government is following a similar playbook. Their spread the wealth and social justice follows the same path that leads to tyranny.

We are at a turning point. If we continue down this road, it leads to slavery. Government will expand its hold on our personal lives and regulate us into submission. Or we turn back to personal responsibility, freedom and self-direction. The question is…are we already too far down the path to serfdom?

Well, for me and my house, we will hope for the best and prepare for the worse. We are preppers and will continue to be.