Who Has the Right to Take Our Rights?

Civil rights are being eroded with each passing bill in government.The government, if we let them.  Right now the public is focused on the second amendment rights we face having restricted even further.  We should be paying attention.  If we don’t, before you know it, it will go the way of our right to assemble, our right to free speech, and our right to travel freely amongst the states, along with a long list of other rights and freedoms we have systematically had removed.

Unfortunately, the citizens of this country have bought the big lie that all can be equal.  As long as people have self-interest, there will be inequality.  People naturally want to get as much “stuff” like food, clothing, shelter, and luxury items as they can so that they and their families are well cared for.  It is hardwired into our beings.  Even the most adamant anti-rich youth begin to find ways acquire wealth as they marry and have families.  When you ask them about it, they try to justify it by saying they are ‘just looking out for their family”.  Most of them say it with their flat screen T.V.s on the wall and smart phones blaring some ring tone.  They did the same thing in the 1960’s and 1970’s and so on.  Nothing has changed.  They don’t really care about equality or equity as long as they get what they want.

What does equality and gun ownership have in common?  In a Utopian society, a perfect commune, there would be no need for guns.  There would be no crime and no need for protection.  Just like Utopia never actually happened, so too is the way of people.  People will continue to have self-interest.  Not all people will try to meet those needs in a lawful way.

The first time a presidential candidate was proven to have used illegal drugs or engaged in any other illegal activity, everyone should have rejected him right then and there.  People who do not respect the law should not be making or enforcing the law.  How do you trust a government made up of people who can’t be trusted to look after your best interests?  You can’t.

No one but you will ever have your best interests at heart.  You are only one among millions.  But the millions can and should unite to remove the threats to our freedoms.  Demanding the Constitution be followed to the letter of the law as it was written by the founding fathers is right.  People and groups who seek to take our rights are unlawful.   There are legal ways of dealing with criminals.  We should start at the top.