What Noah and NOAA Wanted

Noah and NOAA are prepared.The first prepper on record is the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark.  He believed there was a big storm coming and that he would need to protect his family and livestock.    Not one person supported him in his efforts.  His family did as they were asked because even though they didn’t want to believe something bad was about to happen.  They knew Noah better than anyone else and recognized if he said something was about to happen, it would happen.  The rains came and those who didn’t believe the warning were too late to get to the ark.  Noah just wanted to be prepared for a disaster.  He prepared no matter how the towns folk treated him.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) wants the same thing.  NOAA gathers information and distributes it globally.  The purpose is to provide early warning, sometimes weeks in advance, for impending disasters.  It is because of NOAA that the science of meteorology has advanced so much in the last 50 years.  NOAA provides information so that military, government, FEMA and other entities can by prepared to leap into action when the calm is restored.  They also want us to prepare and be ready to take the appropriate action, whether it be run to the basement or evacuate a region.

Check out the  NOAA  efforts to educate the public about the various natural disasters.


photo by: Svadilfari