The Game Is Rigged and Preparation is a Must

The Game Is Rigged and Preparation is a Must

Matt Moody

Many of us in the United States today see a country we don’t recognize. As a “Boomer” I have watched transitions in this country that really concern me. Regardless of your political persuasion, changes have, and are, making the citizens of this nation less free. There is a police state on the rise and most of those individuals working in those positions are the product of a specifically designed educational and training program.

Mural inside the Denver International Airport


(Mural inside the Denver International Airport)

Water, food, and other items are starting to be controlled by major corporations and new government regulations seem to be a directed attack on religious organizations that produce massive amounts of food for emergency purposes and family storage.  (See ) Insiders have informed me that this is due to new government regulations. More and more we see that some element of top down control is being implemented. We also see shortages of firearms and ammunition, reloading supplies and equipment, and other preparedness items. I was once able to openly purchase sutures and can no longer do so due to The Affordable Care Act restrictions.


(Georgia Guidestones)



Over the last year I had been working on a Master’s degree in Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) from a university on the east coast. As I pursued the coursework I began to see a trend building – one that concerned me. I began to be referred to as a social scientist and much of the work dealt with social theory that looked exactly like that of Agenda 21 structure and New World Order ideologies. In fact, I had been invited to attend a webinar in which the discussion of “chipping” of human beings was a major topic of discussion and would allow for greater ease in identifying individuals after disasters in which they had been injured or killed. I am totally opposed to chipping of any kind due to my personal religious beliefs. That’s not to say that others would openly accept the chips for their own personal reasons.  

My point in this article is simply to state that there is a concerted effort underway by individuals, corporations, and others to control every aspect of our lives. I am very opposed to such a situation and encourage the readers of this article to seek out your own answers. I have done extensive research and have found enormous amounts of factual information on the subject matter. The more I research and the more I discover the more I am convinced that we need to really need to take preparedness very, very seriously.


(Stock artwork, Matt Moody)

Whether you believe it or not we are all in “The Game of Life” and we are NOT the one’s holding the best hand at this time. It seems that we have all become pawns to the powers that be and to an out-of-control government determined to oppress each and every one of us. I’m simply stating what you all already realize. Either, you understand that fact, you are asleep at the wheel, or you are in complete denial. Those are the only three options people have in this scenario.




In the end I am sure that those who have prepared will have the advantage over others who have not prepared should the times and seasons become very difficult. There is great wisdom in preparing for whatever may come. The essence of storage should be water and food.

desertWe need to understand that we control very little in our lives and so we need to be more determined than ever to control what we can and use wisdom in doing so.

There is a direct correlation between what our government, the powers that be, and what we are being subjected to as we live out our lives. We all need to do more research – open our eyes – and see what is really being thrust upon us today. So far, I don’t like what I’m seeing and it concerns me because I have children and grandchildren that will have to face this uncertain future. Truth seems to be the only thing that sets people free and it is in short supply when it comes from our leaders. The truth is that we as “preppers” are on the right track and we should continue to educate and help our friends and neighbors to understand the need for preparing for any disaster, economic collapse, or otherwise.


On a final note, it is my hope and prayer that those whose lives were impacted by the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma and other states will be



uplifted and comforted by our support on their behalf. What a tragic situation. It is also my hope that those of you who have prepared for such a disaster in the area are prepared to give of their substance to those who need your help right now. Share your good fortune with others – food – water – clothing – your home – your extra car – whatever is needed and you will be better for it. Let’s learn to be reliant on ourselves and each other and not the government.

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