Knowledge: The Most Important Commodoty

While we all agree everyone should be prepared for just about any emergency as reasonably possible, not everyone agrees about the details of preparing.  How much food to stock, weapons or no weapons, water storage and a host of other topics are reasons for disagreement.

Then there are those who want to know what is going on in the world and around town so as not to be caught unaware.  These people are thinkers and pay attention to the news so they know what the most likely threats might be and when.  These preppers act accordingly.

Still another philosophy comes from preppers who don’t want to pay attention to world events and think those who do are wasting their time.  Their thought is that it doesn’t matter when or how a disaster happens if you are prepared.

It all comes down to one thing really.  Knowledge.  Not only knowledge, but belief in that knowledge.  Own the information.  Make information based decisions without having to think about them when time is important.  That means learning something so well that you don’t second guess yourself when the worst is happening.




Preppers: Take Water From Thin Air

How many of you have an air-conditioner?   You know how it has a drain tube to let the condensation drain away?  What if you could capture that water and use it for drinking water?  What if you could use the same principle to gather thousands of gallons of water for storage?  Have it drain into a cistern or other water storage containers and you have it made.

These people have created a similar device.  It heats, it cools, it makes clean water.  Wow.

We have no financial interest in this product.