For a Rainy Day — Not Just for Preppers Anymore

walmart-adsIt seems everyone is jumping on the prepper wagon, even if they don’t want to admit it, they want the money generated by prepper customers.  Case in point?  Wal-Mart has a new program for stocking your pantry for a rainy day.  Isn’t that what prepping is?  Being prepared for when the harvest doesn’t come, not for when the actual rain falls.  But we all know that.

Wal-mart is offering free home delivery of case lots of canned goods and other items.  With a little comparison shopping, it might be interesting to see how their prices stack up to prices in various parts of the country, and if it is less expensive than doing the shopping for yourself.  For the urban prepper who can’t garden, it might be a good deal since cities like New York can be a nightmare to grocery shop if you have to carry things up a bunch of stairs.

I’m all for companies offering large discounts on case lots and then delivering them free of charge to my door.  They will come neatly packed in their original boxes, already labeled with all the information you need, and easy to stack.  Maybe more companies will offer those services in the future.

An alternative is home delivery from some of the local grocery stores like Safeway, Von’s, and others.  A quick internet search will provide you with a list of grocery stores that home deliver for little or not extra charge.  Here’s what I got when I did this search.

Preppers are busy people.  Why not save yourself the time and trouble of going to the store when someone is willing to do that job for you.  Free up your time to do other important activities only you can do.  Save gas money.  What is the dollar amount value of your time?  Do the math.  It might be worth a $15.00 delivery fee if it saves you $6.00 in gas and three hours of time at a meager $10.00 per hour.