Getting Prepared: A Primer for Beginners Series, part 7

Welcome back to part 7 of our little primer.  Today we are looking at all that stuff you found in the garage.  Did you find plenty of scraps?  How about all sorts of screws, nuts and bolts?  Nails galore?  Did you get them all sorted for purpose and size?  You didn’t throw away those scraps of wood did you?  I hope you sorted them into containers according to size and type of wood.  Even the tiniest pieces of wood can be used to repair some hole in the wall.

The hardwoods are great for furniture making, wood smoke for cooking, and boat building.  Softwoods are great for indoor applications because many are susceptible to bugs and rot.  Cedar, which is a softwood, is suitable for outdoor and indoor use since it has a natural chemical compound that repels bugs and mold while still being pleasing to humans.

If you throw some cedar chips in with your wood it will help protect it from bugs and help your wood supply last longer.  Oh, and throw some cedar chips in with the stash of fabric too.

Once you know what kinds of wood you have and how much you have, decide if you think you have enough to meet your needs should TSHTF.  That means do you have enough to board up your house in a hurricane?  How about to board up windows that broke in a hail storm?  If a tornado dropped a chunk of a tree on your roof, would you have enough lumber on hand to cover the hole until repairs could be made?  You can bet there will most likely be a list of people ahead of you if you plan to use a roofing company.

It’s time to evaluate the hardware you sorted into cans of all sizes, or boxes and tins.  Consider if you have enough nails to completely nail the amount of wood you have if you were to be placing nails every four inches apart.  Do you have the right screws if you have to replace flooring or decking?

Come back for part 8!

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