Recycle and Reuse Series: Leather

Leather clothing is durable and can be recycled and reused to make other products.

The most obvious way of recycling leather is when it comes off the animal and is processed into something for human uses such as shoes, coats, and furniture, to name a few.  But then what?  What about when the product the leather is applied to is no longer useful?  Think twice before you throw out used leather items.  Some of them you can store as is, others you might want to remove the leather from the item.   The leather might be in good condition, or at least parts of it are reusable.

Indeed, leather was the first form of armor.   Leather provides protection against wind and cold.  It provides protection against hazards, such as leather gloves, leathers worn by motorcyclists and cowboys and snake proof boots.  When these products are worn out and about to be put out in the trash, reconsider that action.  Leather is versatile and can be used for a variety of things.  That old coat that has seen it’s better days?  Use it to make a couple of handbags or some man purse for ammo.  Those leather boots worn out?  Save them.  Cut the boot tops  off to use later as patches in various sizes for other items.

If you are a hunter, be sure to keep the skins and have them processed at a reputable tannery, or tan the hides yourself.  Leaving the hair or fur on the skin will provide an extra protection from cold and weather.  Some people suggest wearing the coat with the fur on the inside to maximize the warming effect.  But, wearing it with the fur on the outside will provide an ideal camouflage, don’t you think?

Happy recycling and reusing!