Asteroid Early Warning System: Another Star Trek Gift?

Russian Asteroid TrailThere’s been a lot of talk in the media the last several days about the asteroid they were watching, and the one they weren’t.  Now all the world is talking about an early warning system for objects that might come this way.  The whole discussion sounds like something out of Star Trek and how they had all those long range sensors to locate objects in space.  Is our technology really that advanced?  You bet it is.

What would something like that take?  Not so much “new” technology as much as creative use of existing technology.  Placing satellites further and further away from earth’s orbit with an array of sensors and transmitters.  Solar powered and computer operated these little gems could be placed and monitored.  Data transmission could be as easy as any other space program vehicle like the Mars missions.  Surely if they can put men on Mars, which they are currently working on, they can put information gathering satellites in orbits of any other planets in the solar system they choose.

The method might not be just like that, but to have some sort of space monitoring system that gathers more information in an hour than a few astronomers can gather in a month, well, that sounds like the ultimate prepper activity.