Are South Koreans Preppers?

Jagalchi Market, Busan, South KoreaConsidering the turn of events between the world and North Korea, you have to wonder, are South Koreans what we would consider preppers?  Think about it.  Probably they are.  They have lived with the saber rattling of North Korea ever since the truce was announced.

Every so often the North Koreans lob some kind of explosive at South Korea.  They make no excuses.

Many of my friends have served in the military and were stationed in South Korea.  U. S.  Military personnel all had them issued as part of their standard gear.  There was the constant threat, even under the truce, that North Korea would lob some sort of biological or chemical weapon over the border.

Part of the South Korean preparations for war is continuing to welcome the United States military presence.  Not only does our military provide protection from would be invaders, but the economic benefits to South Korea have proven to be useful.  South Korea businesses flourished during the past decades.  By contrast, North Korea didn’t want any part of free enterprise and has been among the most poverty stricken countries in the world.

If anyone has a reason to prepare, certainly South Korean citizens should be considering how real the words from North Korea might be.  While the thoughts of what could happen next are frightening, South Koreans will not be acting out of fear emotions but out of deliberate long term planning.  Could they may be the ultimate preppers?