1974, Drones, and other Topics

Predator DroneThere’s been a lot of discussion about drones and other methods of surveillance of the American people.  The problem started when it was made public that satellites produced images of auto license plates and women on the beach and nothing was done about it.  In 1974 this information was in one of my high school text books.  Given that text books can often be years behind the times in terms of recent history, who knows when the capability was actually put into use.

It might have been that people then thought that was just a demonstration of what “could be” instead of what “would be”.  The fact remains, surveillance is not new to the American people.  It has been going on for many decades.  Then people couldn’t see the voyeurs watching what they were doing so they didn’t react.  Now that people can see devices that unknown persons are operating, it gives many the creeps.  Why?  Because we also live in an age when perverts of all kinds are out there trying to the nasty things they do.  To the normal person, the thought that someone on the other end of the drone or satellite might just be a pervert.  No one wants some sick minded person watching their children playing in the back yard.

Remember the two photos from the textbook, I have a different view than I did as a high school student.  Then I thought, “Wow!  Look how far technology has developed”.  Now, decades later, I see it from the point of view of an older and wiser person.  Why the license plate?  To prove you can run but you can’t hide.  Why the backside of the beautiful woman on the beach reading a book?  To demonstrate that they can know where you are and what you are reading.

In 1974, they announced privacy was gone and that it was going to get worse as they developed methods of watching more and more people, all at the same time.  Gathering and processing more information about more people while doing it faster and with greater accuracy was happening  more than people realized.

It’s not about whether or not we are doing anything wrong.  It’s about why it took 40 years for our society to wake up and see what corporations and government was doing right under our noses.  It’s about how a whole generation or two were able to be brainwashed into thinking it doesn’t matter about who knows what about whom.  It’s also about how those same generations think it’s OK to have our civil rights take from us by the people we elected to protect those rights.

Just saying.