Getting Prepared: A Primer for Beginners Series, part 11


Emergency medical supplies and prescription drugs of are the utmost importance, right up there with food, water and shelter.

One of the predictions made about when SHTF is what can be called the circles of death.  The first round of deaths will be due to the event itself.  These people will die of injuries sustained during the event immediately or some time shortly after due to infections or other contracted diseases.  Included in this group are also people in nursing homes and hospitals who may be left to fend for themselves.

Getting Prepared and MedicineThe second circle will be old and infirm people who need more medicines, care and support than a normal healthy person.  This circle includes older persons who rely on heart medications, statin drugs, diabetic medications and other life prolonging medications.  Second circle members will die in their homes because their oxygen bottles ran out.   This group will also consist of people who could not find enough food and water.

The third circle will include people who have found themselves exposed to the environment rather than living in their comfy prepper homes.  This exposure will allow extra risks of infections for even the slightest cuts.  They will be prey to any and all manner of parasites that find people inhabitable.  In many regions of the country, wild animals will also find humans to be tasty.

If you make it through the first three circles, you should be congratulated.

You were prepared, or someone took pity on you.  However you made it to this point, you will agree that being prepared with as many prescription OTC drugs and meditations as possible has made it possible for you to survive the event.

Most people can stock OTC drugs because they are relatively cheap and easy to get.  Simply buy a bottle of this or that pain killer, a tube of antibiotic ointment, and assorted bandages.  The prescription meds are a different story.  They run in price any where from $50.00 to $500.00.

You can buy a year’s supply, or pretty much any quantity of non-narcotic drugs as long as you have a prescription that says how many to dispense and the money to pay for it.  Insurance companies now require prescriptions to be refilled on a monthly basis and no sooner.  They don’t care if you have to come home from Europe to get your medications before you run out and die.

With all this information in hand, you should of course fill your prescriptions according to the monthly plan of your insurance company.

But, you should also grab your list of most commonly prescribed medications and make notes as you ask for a price list from your pharmacy, and the other three down the street.

The cash price is usually higher than the price pharmacies charge the insurance company.  Compare the price lists and list which products you will purchase from which pharmacies.  To hep save money on medicines join the pharmacy’s loyalty programs if available and apply those points to the price of prescription and OTC medicines.  Look on manufacturer websites for coupons for the drugs you need.  They can be as much as $50 off per month.  Lastly, talk to the pharmacist.  They may give you discounts for bulk cash purchases.  This should be enough information to begin planning and budgeting to acquire the medications your family will need for the duration of the event.