Police Violence and Steroid Abuse

Editor’s note:  I wrote this article six weeks ago and then just let it sit.  I had to think about it and what it means.  It was necessary to be certain there was no “knee jerk” reaction.  If you don’t want to read it because it is not specifically a prepper story, simply choose something else.  However, being prepared means to prepare for all aspects of life, including dealing with society.

This is an editorial.  It is our duty to post this.  This article is not suitable for children without parent supervision.  It has nothing to do with being a prepper except that preppers could get caught in these unfortunate circumstances.  It is not a hate law enforcement post.  We need law enforcement at the local and state level to be tip top.  It is a call to action for society to demand a new protocol for how citizens may interact with police officers who are no longer acting as law enforcement officers but instead are committing felony assault.

These topics come to the surface when discussing causes and remedies for the situation:

  • What causes police officers to act so aggressively well past the need to subdue a suspect?  
  • What would happen if your local police force had members who used illegal steroids?  Would not those same officers experience ‘roid rage?  
  • With today’s technology and video recorder phones everywhere you look, it is increasingly more difficult for law enforcement officers to commit unlawful acts in public and get away with it by explaining it away.
  • How would the courts view a situation where the accused is someone who came to the defense of a police beating victim?

Consider the following:

Over the past few decades, several stories have surfaced regarding law enforcement personnel involved with anabolic steroids. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recently led Operation Raw Deal, considered the largest international steroid investigation to date. The operation discovered several links to current or former law enforcement officers. This was predicted almost 20 years ago by an article in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin that stated, “Anabolic steroid abuse by police officers is a serious problem that merits greater awareness by departments across the country.”1 In addition, a story on the television program 60 Minutes in 1989 titled “Beefing up the Force” featured three police officers who admitted steroid use and claimed that their resulting aggression got them in serious trouble.

In the past year, a book titled Falling Off the Thin Blue Line was written and published by former Texas police officer David Johnson, who describes his addiction to steroids and speaks about the prevalence of steroid abuse in the law enforcement community.2 Recently, investigations into illegal steroid purchases revealed the names of several officers on pharmacy distribution lists, garnering national media attention. Unfortunately, agencies looking for methods to confront steroid abuse find few examples of effective policies and practices. This article summarizes the Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department’s experience in this area over the past several years and suggests policy and testing considerations for anabolic steroids in the law enforcement community.  ~~ Police Chief Magazine

Sure, we all understand that police officers are always on high alert and have to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to  apprehending a suspect.  But incidents of abuse must not be tolerated by anyone.  How should citizens intervene when police officers have gone wrong?  How should citizens stop an act of unnecessary violence when they see it happening?  These are questions we should be asking and demanding answers.

As it stands now, people are afraid to step into the situation for fear that police officers will arrest them, shoot them or beat them to death.  Calling more police doesn’t help.  By the time the other officers arrive, the beating or shooting has already occurred.  And that is the problem.  By the time anyone can do anything about it, someone is already beaten or dead.

Considering you don’t know which police officer might be using ‘roids, there may be nothing you can do to assure your safety if a police officer stops you for even a traffic violation.  For a ‘roid raged officer, all you would have to do is blink and its all over for you.  We should not have to be afraid of our police officers because they have illegal drug use, rage or panic issues.

The inspiration for this post came after clicking some of the links on this Facebook page about small town out of control police officers.  Be warned, what you will see is ghastly.  Think twice and preview first if your children are present.