Hermetically Sealed Seeds?

20130504_142425_5According to the U. S. Food and Drug Administration, “Hermetically sealed container means a container that is designed and intended to be secure against the entry of microorganisms and thereby to maintain the commercial sterility of its contents after processing”.

That’s wonderful for food because it will keep much longer than foods packaged in some other ways.  But what does that have to do with seeds?  It means they will keep longer too.

Currently, people who save seeds or purchase them in cute little envelopes store them in the freezer to increase the shelf live of the seeds indefinitely.  Even so, the germination rate drops over time.

Many of us collect seeds, partly because we are preppers, but also because it is fun to get seeds from as many sources as possible.  What ever the reason you collect seeds, you will notice immediately that NK Seed packages feel differently in your hands than the other brands.

NK Seeds, part of Plantation Products, Inc., packages their seeds in hermetically sealed envelopes made from more durable and protective materials.  While their process and packaging is still patent pending, preppers can make the most of their seed stash with seeds that will store much longer than traditionally packaged seeds.

Some states require seed packaging to provide the germination rate of seeds for retail sales.  The lower the germination rate, the lower quality or older the seeds.  In some states, since germination rates drop over time, seeds packaged in the usual manner are not allowed to be sold after their expiration date and are required to be pulled off the shelves by that date.

Although the NK Seed package states the seeds are packaged for a certain year’s planting season, according to documents found at the Wisconsin.gov web site, hermetically sealed seeds may be labeled for 36 months instead of 12 months.

This means they have a 36 month shelf life even before they find their way to the freezer.  NK Seeds does not make this claim on their Texas packaging.  It simply states it was hermetically sealed and patent pending.  The products are affordable compared to the prices of heritage, organic and regular seed brands.  This shows dedication to the success of the home gardener.

**We gain no financial reward for this article, we just like the seeds**