Get Your Dental Treatment Before the Prices Go Up

Dental Costs Under Obamacare will increase.It is a surprise a minute as Obama-care becomes implemented. Nancy Pelosi said we wouldn’t find out what was in the bill until it was passed, and she was right.

Obamacare’s medical device’s tax will cover dentistry. Many Physicians are considering retiring early due the intrusive hand of the government. The Senate passed Budget allows for treatment of illegal aliens under Obamacare, so take charge of your health now. Proper treatment will be hard to get.

I just had to get that off my chest. Now back to being a wise prepper. The only good advice that I can give to you is about my specialty, Periodontics (gum disease). You need to have no disease in your mouth to avoid untreatable toothaches after the lights go out. The only person who can help you before that happens is a your money by going ASAP!!! The prices are going up for many reasons.

After you get your mouth healthy, keep it healthy as mentioned in previous articles. If you can afford the very expensive implants, my opinion is that the Periodontist does the best job. Not only has he or she been trained to be a General Dentist first, he or she has been trained for three extra years to be a Periodontist to place implants and save teeth that have periodontal disease. Other specialties have extra training, too. The Oral Surgeon and the Prosthodontist have extra years of training in implants. However, only a Periodontist will do the best job of evaluating your remaining teeth and help you keep them through proper treatment. My many years as a Periodontist have taught me that many dentists misdiagnose or mistreat periodontal disease. Later they send patients with hopeless teeth to the Periodontist. Sometimes miracles occur, but usually many teeth have to be extracted. Implants or dentures are needed then.

Dental Implants Covered by Obamacare

Implants can fail, just like teeth, from the same inflammatory reaction to plaque that causes periodontitis. Only the implant does not have a periodontal┬ámembrane between the tooth and the jaw bone. Thus, we call the disease perioimplantitis. The result is the same, loss of bone and loss of the implant and the expensive attached crown. A periodontist can help you keep your implants and teeth healthy. See for locating a Periodontist near you. (I’m retired!)

Start stockpiling now. Iran and North Korea say they are aiming at destroying us with nuclear weapons. One overhead explosion could wipe out all electric power for months!! One of my friends says he will take poison if that happens. I’ll be prepared to support my family to survive. Do the same for yours.