Remember Lady Liberty and Lady Justice?

Are the ideals of Lady Liberty and Lady Justice things of the past? I certainly hope not. Lady Liberty has a broken chain at her feet, to remind us the chains of the elite: kings, queens and nobles are broken. Lady Justice has often been seen wearing a blindfold. This blindfold represents objectivity. Meaning justice should be given objectively, without fear or favor no matter of identity, money, power, weakness. We should have justice blind and impartial never taking into account sex, religion, color when rendering a decision.

Many years ago, our forefathers came over from mainly Europe to settle in this great land. Why? So they could have freedom, liberty, and pursue happiness; and to find equal protection under the law.

In their former countries, the elite had all the power. All people were not equal…the elite…the kings, queens, nobles ruled with an iron hand. These elitists were above the law, owned all the land, and ran all the businesses. The citizens were chattel. They lived at the pleasure of the owners, only allowed to do what this small elite few allowed.

So regular people left everything they had to start over in this new country. They fought and died pursing the dream of private ownership of land and business. They wanted the ability to succeed or fail by their own merits. They wanted the freedom to worship as they chose…to believe in God without government intrusion. They didn’t want separation of church and state, they simply did not want the state to tell them what they had to believe. Most were Christians…though that fact is routinely left out of history books today.

Everyone worked and worked hard once they got here. If you didn’t work, you didn’t eat. Everyone had the opportunity to make a go of it. Some were successful, others were not. But everyone gave it their all.  When it came to the poor, sick and elderly, churches or neighbors took care of them. People helped people knowing someday they might need someone to help them. There were no free government handouts, but everyone was taken care of. Very few slipped through the cracks. No one was entitled to anything.

Today, many people seem to have forgotten why our forefathers came to this great country. Why they fought so hard to hold and maintain their freedom.

In recent years, our politicians no longer hold dear our freedom. They have sold us into slavery through bigger government and high debt. What was meant to be a part-time job running our country, they have turned into a full-time profession. They have created an entire class of citizens who expect government to provide for their every need…at the expense of those of us who work. In addition, these same politicians have made themselves into an elite group who believe they are above the rest of us. They, who are charged with following our directions and work on our behalf, seem to think they know best and do whatever they want. Many go into government work simply to enrich themselves. They now desire to be served than to serve the people who have elected them.

Years ago at the beginning of our nation Jefferson said, when the people learn they can elect people who will give them stuff, our nation is over. Unfortunately, we are on the brink of that cliff now. The question is: will people wake up in time to save our great nation? Or have we allowed our freedoms to be so limited and or stolen it can’t be saved? Only God knows. But if we want to save our country or slow the damage…we better elect people who support the ideals of small government, individual freedom and self-determination voting out those who do not.

Author Bio:
Believing in Jesus is the foundation of my life. My husband Bob, children and grandchildren are my encouragement and the force behind my desire to prepare for the future. Bob and I are long haul truck drivers. I write Christian fiction and articles of preparation and encouragement in my off time.