Social Media and Preppers

Some people can’t stand to be disconnected from their social media for even a few minutes.  They carry to their laptops and tablets in handy bags. Cell phones are nearly glued to their heads or hands.  Most of their socializing is done online and on phones.

Admittedly, many adults from 40 to 60 are also doing a large portion of their socializing in the same manner.  Why?  Inclusion.  A recent report said the fastest growing population on FaceBook is adults ages 40 to 60, it makes it possible for parents and grandparents to keep up with their children and grandchildren as well as their friends.  They get to see more pictures and and see their posts.

But what about if you are alone or in very small groups with little or no interaction outside the group?  Not so difficult for those of us who grew up before the phone went out the door with you.  We learned skills that are not taught to our young people these days.

We learned how to talk, hold conversations, even start conversations about any number of things.  We learned the difference between the different types of conversation groups such as young adults, married, and seniors.  We also learned about same gender verses mixed company conversations.  Then, just when we thought we had the art of conversation down pat, our elders taught us about “polite company” and “forbidden topics”.  We learned to mind our Ps and Qs.

Certainly, in a bug-in situation it will be a big plus if everyone involved had those skills.  They would know what to say and when to shut their mouths.  To paraphrase Joyce Meyer, they would know not to voice an opinion where they have no responsibility.

Sure, over time they would learn these skills after great pain and suffering for all parties involved.  Wouldn’t it be better if they started learning now?

Just to drive the point home, consider the youth of the world.  Most of us have seen this video, but just in case you haven’t, take a look below.  How would these same young people handle a situation in which they could no longer contact their social media buddies?