Flood Warnings, Potassium Iodide, Earthquakes and other Preparedness Issues in Illinois

By Joshua Livengood

IEMA, Illinois emergency management agency has a great website.  Currently it contains information about flood warnings from rising rivers, where to get potassium iodide tablets if you live near a nuclear power plant, and information about earthquake awareness month.

More than that, it has information about being prepared for the various disasters Illinois is prone to.  Everything from tornadoes to winter storms.  They offer advice on how to prepare your pets as well.

One thing is certain, the state is responding to public concerns about what happens when TSHTF.    Check out the website.  There are resources for all of
Source: Illinois Preppers Network

Frost Free Date Fast Approaching

By Joshua Livengood

While the new year is only 19 days old, the frost free date is fast approaching.  Early to mid March will be upon us soon.  Those of us planting gardens as a major part of prepping need to plant our seeds indoors 6 to 12 weeks before the thaw if we want to have a successful growing season.

Living at this latitude requires long term planning because the growing season is short but the winters are long.   Since the actual frost free date changes from year to year, it is important to have your plants ready to go in the ground
Source: Illinois Prepper Network