Cancer Risk Reduction Required for Preppers

Vitamins C and D are just two keys to preventing and fighting cancer.Given the nature of a negative world changing event, preppers need to do everything possible to reduce their risk of getting cancer.  With the recent studies released indicating the HPV not only causes cervical cancer, but also brain and lung cancer, it is now possible for people to prevent that particular cause of cancer.

While it’s possible, it won’t actually happen.  HPV is one STD that is so common that the only way to be sure not to get it is to never have sex with anyone who has had sex with someone else.  In other words, remain a virgin until marriage and then be faithful to that spouse for the rest of your life.  If it were only that easy.  It is transmitted by mouth, too.

To avoid the risks caused by HPV, limit alcohol and tobacco intake.  It would seem the less you use those products, the less likely you will get those cancers.  Coincidentally, bladder cancer can be caused by cigarette smoking.  Smoking and chewing tobaccos also cause lung, stomach, and throat cancers.

A second way to prevent some other cancers is by making sure you get enough vitamin D.  It seems being vitamin D deficient causes changes in your DNA, and over time, this allows cancers and autoimmune disorders to develop.

Vitamin D is not the only cancer fighting nutrient.  Take a look at vitamin C and its role in preventing and fighting disease.  Nutrition isn’t just for some people.  It’s required for all preppers because there might not be great cancer treatments available during a negative world changing event.