Recycle and Reuse: Are there 100 Ways to Use a Milk Jug?

Milk jugs are among the easiest items to reuse and recycle.We believe in using, reusing and recycling what we have.  Not just milk jugs and cartons either.  Why spend money when you can use something in your garage or back room just the same?  For us it’s common to go to the garage or barn to see what we have laying around, perhaps leftover from some other project.  What we can’t reuse we recycle.

During conversations about reusing milk jugs, people say things like, “There’s hundreds of ways to reuse them”.  Okay, really?  Seems like there should be, right?  There begins the quest to find 100 ways to reuse the milk jugs.  The following is a list of the ways we found both at home and on the internet.  Almost all of them require at least minimal alterations to the jugs or cartons.

  1. Dust pan
  2. Chandelier
  3. Piggy bank
  4. Lunch box
  5. Plant pots
  6. Little greenhouses to protect plants from frost
  7. Storage bins (you can store anything that fits in them!)
  8. Ball toss game scoops
  9. Cut into templates for quilting or other templates
  10. buried auto-watering pots (olla)
  11. Cut and decorate the pieces into shapes for decor
  12. Cut and decorate the pieces into shapes for jewelry
  13. Combine with other jugs to make a child’s sized play house
  14. Combine with other jugs to make sculptures
  15. Sprinkler top jug (plain water or compost tea)
  16. Stackable storage containers (cut like lunch boxes)
  17. Seed starting container
  18. Scoops of various sizes and shapes
  19. Lamp shades
  20. Fresh water storage
  21. Freeze gallon size blocks of ice
  22. Tea light containers
  23. Yard and path lights (luminaries)
  24. Instead of jack-o-lanterns
  25. Making sun tea
  26. Cool kiddo’s car seat (place frozen water container in the seat while you are gone)
  27. Pool toys, closed milk jugs float
  28. Bird feeder
  29. Classroom art projects
  30. Drink shaker (add ingredients, shake and pour, refrigerate, drink)
  31. Cut into plant marker signs
  32. Hot Wheels gas station and repair shop
  33. Holiday decorations
  34. Disposable travel pet food and water containers
  35. Filled with warm water to keep a greenhouse warm at night
  36. Hanging storage containers
  37. Hanging plant pots
  38. Funnel
  39. Refrigerator storage bins for food items like fruits and vegetables
  40. Trash bins for home and car
  41. Weightlifting, filled with your choice of heavy stuff
  42. Food storage (anything that easily fits in through the top)
  43. Yarn holder
  44. Store rain water
  45. Toilet brush holder
  46. Convert older toilet to low flow by placing a filled gallon jug in the tank
  47. Cut into sections to keep burgers separated
  48. Paint trays, with or without the handle
  49. Biology class to make a skeleton
  50. Cut a hole in the top for your hand, slide the belt through the handle for hands free work
  51. Absolutely the best:  Storm Trooper Helmet

We weren’t able to come up with 100 unique uses, but these are all great!  If you have an idea no listed here, please comment!  The more uses the better.

Recycle all you can.  It saves you time, money and effort.  It also saves natural resources.  All of these ideas came from two Google searches.  The first was for images, and the second was for text.