What Noah and NOAA Wanted

Noah and NOAA are prepared.The first prepper on record is the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark.  He believed there was a big storm coming and that he would need to protect his family and livestock.    Not one person supported him in his efforts.  His family did as they were asked because even though they didn’t want to believe something bad was about to happen.  They knew Noah better than anyone else and recognized if he said something was about to happen, it would happen.  The rains came and those who didn’t believe the warning were too late to get to the ark.  Noah just wanted to be prepared for a disaster.  He prepared no matter how the towns folk treated him.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) wants the same thing.  NOAA gathers information and distributes it globally.  The purpose is to provide early warning, sometimes weeks in advance, for impending disasters.  It is because of NOAA that the science of meteorology has advanced so much in the last 50 years.  NOAA provides information so that military, government, FEMA and other entities can by prepared to leap into action when the calm is restored.  They also want us to prepare and be ready to take the appropriate action, whether it be run to the basement or evacuate a region.

Check out the  NOAA  efforts to educate the public about the various natural disasters.


Talk is Cheap, Especially for Preppers

In his December 30, 2012 Boston Globe article, “How to talk like a doomsday prepper, Useful jargon for the zombie apocalypse“, Ben Zimmer writes about preppers as if he is standing on the fence.   He doesn’t say anything particularly harmful, but he does point out that some people think we’re crazy.  On the other hand, he points out that not everyone who preps is a “crazy loon” or survivalist living out in the boonies, isolated from society.  His final comments include, ““Prepping,” after all, is about meticulously taking stock of what one might need for the aftermath of anything from a mega-earthquake to a nuclear detonation” by which he recognizes what we are doing.

Anyone can learn the language of prepping.  Living it is another story.  Being a prepper requires a level of discipline and planning that few people can achieve in their daily lives.  These days, rarely do you see this level action planning carried out except by the military.   Is this where people get the idea preppers are some sort of quasi-military-type of organization?  Even if it is just one household?  Are people assuming because you plan and prepare to take care of yourself after an emergency that you have some militant mindset?

People are smarter than that.  They have to be, don’t they?  If the average person were to stop to think about what preppers do, they would all have to admit they should be prepared as well.  Everyone can think of several incidences in recent history where people were not prepared and whole regions of the country were caught “without”.   Imagine how differently the aftermath of those natural disasters would have been if the people were prepared for it.  They should have been prepared.  They live in places where those things happen on a regular basis.  It’s no different than preparing for your child’s college, wedding or retirement.  You know it’s going to come sometime and you better be ready.   Don’t plan on FEMA.  The more you count on government to bail you out, the more government can control you and the rest of us, but that is another post.

It’s wrong to expect others to take care of something that you should have prepared for in advance.  That is why you buy insurance for your property.  That is why you keep a cash reserve.  That is why you keep a supply of medications.  We don’t prep out of fear.  We prep because we know disastrous events have happened and will happen again.  We don’t want to be one of those people living in horrible conditions because we chose a cruise over the well-being of our family.  If we can afford the cruise and to take care of our family, fine.  If not, the better choice is family.  We always choose family.

We live in a disaster prone area.  Disasters such as drought, fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes happen often.  We won’t be happy when an event happens to us, but we won’t be wondering where we will sleep or what we will eat.  We won’t be desperate and become a target for ripoffs and scams.  Time is on our side.  We will shrug our shoulders and set up camp.  We will use our camp stove for cooking the meals we prepared in advance and start the clean up process.  We will get on with our lives.  My job will be waiting for me, and I won’t miss a day of work because we are prepared.  Then we will prepare for the next event.

Reference:  The Boston Globe, December 30, 2012