Political Pressure on Budget and Paychecks Matter

The budget proposals passed this morning showed some revealing attitudes on the part of incumbents.  The four democrats who voted against it were those who were up for reelection for the next term.  They knew the democrat favored bill was unpopular among their constituents.  It makes you wonder if the same were true for the rest of the democrats who voted for the bill, but they didn’t care because they had a longer time before they would be held accountable at the polls?

What is also interesting to note is that they managed to come to an agreement before the April 15 deadline.  On that magic day their pay checks would be placed in escrow until such time as they did their jobs.    It’s interesting to note they made sure they wouldn’t miss a pay day but they didn’t mind making other people miss one during sequestering.

The last point of interest today is the amendment requesting them to place 20% of their income with the charity of their choice to help them feel like the rest of us.  Let’s think about that for a moment.  Their current government salary is $174,000.  Add to that income from law practices or other income sources such as rental properties or companies they may own.  There are 216 millionaire congress members.  By millionaire, we mean any number under one billion dollars of net worth.

But let’s just look at the salary of $174,000 per year.  Let’s just say I earned that amount of money.  If I subtracted $34,800 (the 20% for charity), I would still have $112,200 income to live on.  Wow.  That is 2.25 times the amount of the median income per household in the U.S.  Never mind the fact that their government salary alone puts them in the top 10% of citizens for national income distribution.

Political Pressure on Budgets and Paychecks Matter

With this information, one has to wonder why they are so eager to pass a bill before they miss a payday when they can obviously afford to miss a few paydays the same way some of us can afford to miss a few meals.  Wouldn’t it be better if those who can obviously afford to be without a government paycheck would stand up for what it right and do what is right?  If pay were not a motivation for doing the deeds, we could at least give them credit for standing up for what their constituents sent them to do.  It wouldn’t matter if we disagreed with some of them because we would know they were doing what they were sent to do instead of always wondering if they were doing it for some monetary gain.

As it is, they don’t seem to care about the everyday person who might miss a house payment or rent because of sequestering.  But they certainly care if they miss a payday, oops, change that. 
 They mind if their payday is DELAYED.  Remember, it would go to escrow.  They would get paid later after they passed a bill.

The unfortunates affected by sequestering will never get the missed income.  Their money didn’t go into escrow.  Perhaps it might be better to take the 20% from congress and give it to those who suffered under sequestering.  Better yet, change the salary range to match, but never exceed, the median household income.  If they were honorable people, they would not object to getting paid the same as most people.

For the other points of the bill passed this morning, try reading both of the links below.  They provide the same information with a clear difference of opinion by the writers who wrote the articles.  Neither article is more accurate than the other, each writer just chooses to allow his opinion to infiltrate the facts.

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North Korea Turns Up the Volume Towards South Korea, U.N. Security Council and United States

North Korea Kim Jong UnConsidering the sound of North Korean rhetoric and threats, the South Korean military is  practicing drills in case they should have to engage in gorilla warfare.  Part of those drills include the flying of B-52 bombers over the peninsula.   One would think the drills are in direct response to recent activity.  They are not, not really.  These exercises are held every year in the spring.  Every year.  They are not new.  They are performed by every military in various locations through out the world on their own schedule.  Yet North Korea acts as if it is a threat to North Korea.  Kim Jong Un is his country’s own worst enemy.

Each day the North Korean government seems to ramp up their propaganda machine and are attempting to spark fear in the South Koreans, other Asian countries and in the countries of the world that support South Korea.  Having tested a nuclear bomb last month, near the time they released an edited video of attacks on the U. S. were published on YouTube, they might be getting too big for their britches.

Some how this all seems like a spoiled sociopath child throwing a temper tantrum.  Their leader, Kim Jong Un, must be unhappy about the condition of his country’s economy, social condition, and international relationships.  He is so unhappy that he, like his father, has singled out two countries  of the world full of countries to demonize.  Even their “friend” China has told them they are going too far.

Kim Jong Un forgets that as he is preparing to go to war, the rest of the world is preparing as well.  Not only are they preparing, they have been preparing for decades.  Why?  Being prepared is a strong deterrence to war.  If Kim Jong Un were wise he would know that he can’t possibly win a war between the countries of the U.N.

Even if by some chance North Korean does manage to attack a major U. S. city, we will rise from the ashes and be stronger than before.  We always do.  That is because as a nation full of citizen warriors, we are prepared.  We are strong.  We don’t give up and we don’t give in.  We won’t be intimidated.  We get on with things.  That is the prepper attitude.  We will continue to prepare as citizens and as a government.



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