Book Review: Surviving Doomsday

Where we live is susceptible to almost every natural disaster.  Since it only snows about every 100 years here, that isn’t a problem.   Everything else is up for grabs.  Currently we are experiencing the worst drought I have ever seen.  If there is dew on the grass we feel blessed.  While we live in a semi-rural area, we live just 20 miles from a large city and just 180 miles in two directions from two large metropolitan cities.  Things could get hairy in a hurry if things went bad.

Considering how many people are not prepared for an emergency and the current state of international politics, unprepared people need something to bring them up to speed quickly.  While you can’t get every skill you need from a book, you can get all the information you need right now from Surviving Doomsday by Richard Duarte.

Most people skip the introductions in books.  When you read this book, make sure you read it first.  The story is compelling and heartfelt.  It is why the book exists.  If you are not a prepper, you should be after you read the introduction.

Surviving Doomsday is not for “doomsday preppers” as seen on T.V.  This well written book is for the average person.  Anyone can pick up this book and gain the knowledge they need to prepare.  Even if you have been prepping for a long time, this book will be useful to you.  It helps you think of things you might not have thought.

Lists are provided to make your shopping and packing easier.  Advice on preparing your mind and body for a world changing event is offered.  This is a good read dedicated to helping all people become prepared for any emergency.  And that is something we don’t have enough people doing.


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