Getting Prepared: A Primer for Beginners Series, part 6

Power tools come in a variety of prices and purposes.  Some things to consider when choosing power tools are purpose, frequency of use and affordability.  We have quite a few Dewalt tools, but we also have some lower end power tools. If we know we are going to use it often enough to have significant wear and tear on the equipment, we buy tools by which ever manufacturer that produces the best tool for the job.  However, it is important to know that the lower end tools of any brand are not intended for everyday use.  They will last for years if your purpose is to use them occasionally and not under difficult circumstances.

Power tools are useless if you don’t know how to use them effectively or if you don’t use them at all.  Choose tools for projects you intend to make.  Do some research before you choose the tools.  Check the warranty.  If you choose cordless equipment, it is important to have enough batteries to finish the project.  Unfortunately, the batteries are almost as expensive as the equipment.  Since most of the brands are not interchangeable, that is another consideration when choosing tools.

Air tools are great.  We love them for big jobs.  But our finishing and framing guns are useless if we can’t run the air compressor.  That’s another thing to consider.

Usability during power outages is important.  In my location, if a natural disaster hits, it is likely to be well over a week or maybe a month or two before power is restored to this area.  We need tools that can be used under such conditions.  Unfortunately, they require some manpower.  The wife informed me she is woman power and I can do the manpower stuff.