Just Enough, Just in Time

This is a change of pace for all of you. Though it is not a prepper suggestion or idea, it is a reminder that God is with us and will provide for our needs. It is a true story of an event that happened ten years ago. I hope you enjoy it.

~~Donna J. Benson~~


“I found a five dollar bill on the pavement in front of our truck!” I waved the bill as I walked toward my husband, Bob. He stood in a circle of drivers in a truck stop parking lot. Three smiling faces turned my way and one stepped aside to allow me to join them.

“Always nice to find more than just pennies,” Bob smiled. Long haul trucking is our vocation, but it limits our ability to exercise, so we make time to walk around the parking lots. As we go along, we collect any coins we find on the ground.

“We’ve been invited to join these drivers for dinner. Would you like to?” Four sets of eyes wanted for my answer.

Joining other drivers can be quite interesting and sometimes entertaining. Other times they complain about the job, other drivers, their families or national or world events.  Sometimes that can make everyone uncomfortable. But we could always leave.


The men smiled and headed toward the restaurant as we fell in behind. Most long haul truck drivers are decent, hardworking family men or women.  They take pride in their work; however, being away from family and friends for several weeks at a time takes its toll.  Loneliness, divorce and being disconnected from loved ones are common in the trucking industry. Cell phones have helped. But I understand the difficulties of having a husband away more than he was home.

“There are going to be five other guys.”  Bob stepped beside me.

“Oh great, six to one, this should be interesting.”  I whispered.

More and more women are driving semi-trucks for a living; however, men dominate the industry. Most accept women drivers, but there are a few with the macho attitude women do not belong behind the wheel of an eighteen-wheeler. Yet, many wives join their husbands, getting their CDL and driving as teams. It’s what I did. After a failed business left us with many debts, I got my license and joined my husband on the road.

Inside we were joined by two other men. We found a table, ordered, and soon our dinner arrived.  Bob prayed over our food and we all dug in. Bob and I are grateful to God for our many blessings, so regardless of where we are or whom we’re with, we bow our heads in thanks.

Lively conversation peppered our dinner hour.  We shared stories of grumpy dispatchers, shippers and receivers as well as bad roads, high fuel costs and our families.

We laughed about the goofy and unsafe things people do while driving their vehicles. Sitting higher than regular cars allows semi drivers to see into the shorter cars and pickups. It is surprising what we see. People put on makeup, play games on their phones or other devices and reading papers or books.

One by one the drivers left until only three of us were left. It had been a very enjoyable dinner.

“I was pleased you prayed over dinner,” Frank leaned back against the cushions.   “I’m a believer also.  May I share with you how I came to the Lord?”

Surprised, but pleased to be with another believer we both said, “yes.”

“You wouldn’t believe it seeing me today, but years ago I was a biker. I had long unkempt hair, a beard, mustache, and leathers. I rode a Harley with the Hell’s Angles.  We were a ruff crowd and into some pretty bad stuff. Lots of things I’m not proud of now.  One of them was drugs…big time.”

I looked at the clean-cut pleasant-looking man. He was right; it was hard to compare this short-haired middle-aged man with the one he described. I liked this man. He was not at all like any of the men in the pictures I remembered seeing of members in that bike club. They were people I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley.

“My wife, two kids and I were living in northern California where I logged for a living.  We had a small-borrowed RV trailer out in the middle of the forest.  I worked during the week and got high on the weekends.

“After a while my wife tired of our life-style. She worried about our children and the effect we were having on them. They were really young, two and three years old. She began to think our life needed to change. One day while cleaning, she came across a Bible in the trailer and began to spend time reading it. She didn’t tell me about that until later. She figured I’d get mad or something. She was probably right.

“Anyway, it was Thursday. We were out of food and almost out of gas in my
motorcycle. I’d spent all of our money getting high. When I got home from work, Karen asked me to watch the kids. She said she needed some time to herself. She told me later she walked out into the forest and prayed.

“She told me her prayer was simple. “God, I don’t know if you really exist, but if you do I really need a sign. I know the Bible says we have to have faith, but I just don’t have any.”

“You need to understand we lived out in the boonies. There was no one around for miles. We picked this spot so we could get high and no one would be around to bother us or turn us in. We’d lived there for several weeks and never caught sight of anyone around.”

“As Karen turned back toward the RV she found a brand new five-dollar bill on the ground.  She ran back to camp laughing and crying. “God is real! God really exists!  Look, I asked for a sign and he left this for us.” She was waving a five-dollar bill.

“I was surprised and pleased. As I examined the bill, I realized it was a crisp brand new bill. There were no signs of the rain that pelted the area over the last few weeks, in fact there were no signs of wear or water at all. It didn’t dawn on me till much later how that fact should have opened my eyes to God then, but it didn’t.

“I climbed on my Harley and went into town. As I drove, I grumbled, “Well, God if you gave us the money, why didn’t you make it a twenty.”  He laughed. “I know now how greedy and unthankful it was to think that way, but at the time…” He shrugged.

“When I got to town I went to the store purchased a loaf of bread and bologna for three dollars and put two bucks of gas into the Harley. I drove home and we had sandwiches for dinner. There was even an extra for my lunch the next day.  Logging is hard physical work, without lunch it’s hard to do the physical labor it demands. I was thankful there was an extra. After work, I picked up my check and rode into town.  I ran out of gas in front of the gas station just up the street from the bank. I parked the Harley and walked. After cashing my check, I purchased food and filled my tank for the next week.

“But something changed in me that day. The seed of faith was sown that Thursday and Friday. They’ve been growing ever since. My wife accepted the Lord Jesus the day she found the five-dollars and I followed shortly after. I’ve learned God gives you just enough and just in time. We didn’t get any extra and the five dollars didn’t go very far. But it perfectly provided what we needed at the time. God’s has been doing that day after day, week after week, year after year since. God sent down just enough manna for the Israelites in the desert each day, He does the same for us.”

Bob and I sat there in amazement as Frank said goodbye.

“God was telling us the same thing wasn’t he?” I pulled out the five dollar bill I had stuck in my pocket.

“Yeah, I think so.” Bob took the bill from me and lay it on the table. “I doubt it was a coincidence. Frank didn’t join us until after you found the money. So he didn’t know what happened earlier. I think God was speaking to us through Frank. Reminding us He knows what we need, when we need it and that he will provide it.”

Several weeks later, I shared this true story with our church fellowship. Just like Bob and I, there were others in the congregation that needed to hear God will provide for our needs when we have them.  At the end of the service, two women came forward and accepted Jesus as their lord and Savior.

Later our pastor shared, these two women had struggled to accept God’s love and come to him in faith. After hearing my story, they felt the assurance they were looking for.  Just like Frank, Karen, Bob and I, two new believers started their walk with Jesus knowing, believing and understanding, God will provide just enough, just in time.

Frank’s not really the man’s name.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember what it was and we’ve never seen him again. However, I’ll never forget him.  Someday, maybe not until heaven, I’ll see him again and when I do, I’ll thank him for the lesson God used him to teach us.

The lesson: God loves us and loves to bless His children. Each and every day He provides our needs, wants and desires…just enough, just in time.

I don’t know what the future holds, however; I know I’ll acknowledge Him in all my ways and He will direct my path.

Police Violence and Steroid Abuse

Editor’s note:  I wrote this article six weeks ago and then just let it sit.  I had to think about it and what it means.  It was necessary to be certain there was no “knee jerk” reaction.  If you don’t want to read it because it is not specifically a prepper story, simply choose something else.  However, being prepared means to prepare for all aspects of life, including dealing with society.

This is an editorial.  It is our duty to post this.  This article is not suitable for children without parent supervision.  It has nothing to do with being a prepper except that preppers could get caught in these unfortunate circumstances.  It is not a hate law enforcement post.  We need law enforcement at the local and state level to be tip top.  It is a call to action for society to demand a new protocol for how citizens may interact with police officers who are no longer acting as law enforcement officers but instead are committing felony assault.

These topics come to the surface when discussing causes and remedies for the situation:

  • What causes police officers to act so aggressively well past the need to subdue a suspect?  
  • What would happen if your local police force had members who used illegal steroids?  Would not those same officers experience ‘roid rage?  
  • With today’s technology and video recorder phones everywhere you look, it is increasingly more difficult for law enforcement officers to commit unlawful acts in public and get away with it by explaining it away.
  • How would the courts view a situation where the accused is someone who came to the defense of a police beating victim?

Consider the following:

Over the past few decades, several stories have surfaced regarding law enforcement personnel involved with anabolic steroids. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recently led Operation Raw Deal, considered the largest international steroid investigation to date. The operation discovered several links to current or former law enforcement officers. This was predicted almost 20 years ago by an article in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin that stated, “Anabolic steroid abuse by police officers is a serious problem that merits greater awareness by departments across the country.”1 In addition, a story on the television program 60 Minutes in 1989 titled “Beefing up the Force” featured three police officers who admitted steroid use and claimed that their resulting aggression got them in serious trouble.

In the past year, a book titled Falling Off the Thin Blue Line was written and published by former Texas police officer David Johnson, who describes his addiction to steroids and speaks about the prevalence of steroid abuse in the law enforcement community.2 Recently, investigations into illegal steroid purchases revealed the names of several officers on pharmacy distribution lists, garnering national media attention. Unfortunately, agencies looking for methods to confront steroid abuse find few examples of effective policies and practices. This article summarizes the Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department’s experience in this area over the past several years and suggests policy and testing considerations for anabolic steroids in the law enforcement community.  ~~ Police Chief Magazine

Sure, we all understand that police officers are always on high alert and have to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to  apprehending a suspect.  But incidents of abuse must not be tolerated by anyone.  How should citizens intervene when police officers have gone wrong?  How should citizens stop an act of unnecessary violence when they see it happening?  These are questions we should be asking and demanding answers.

As it stands now, people are afraid to step into the situation for fear that police officers will arrest them, shoot them or beat them to death.  Calling more police doesn’t help.  By the time the other officers arrive, the beating or shooting has already occurred.  And that is the problem.  By the time anyone can do anything about it, someone is already beaten or dead.

Considering you don’t know which police officer might be using ‘roids, there may be nothing you can do to assure your safety if a police officer stops you for even a traffic violation.  For a ‘roid raged officer, all you would have to do is blink and its all over for you.  We should not have to be afraid of our police officers because they have illegal drug use, rage or panic issues.

The inspiration for this post came after clicking some of the links on this Facebook page about small town out of control police officers.  Be warned, what you will see is ghastly.  Think twice and preview first if your children are present.

Preppers and Veterinarians

Preppers and Veterinarians Make a Good Team.While prepping, most of us make sure we have enough supplies for our family, including furry friends.  That supply of pet meds and animal food is important to the well being of the whole family.  Dog and cats will bring in fleas and ticks, among other parasites if left untreated.  So, what about the relationship between a preppers and veterinarians?

Some animal parasites can be transferred to people, a lesson very well learned from watching Animal Planet’s “Monster Inside Me”.  Perhaps someone to have on your prepper team is the local veterinarian.  Even the American Veterinary Medical Association agrees having a veterinarian during an apocalypse is a good idea.  While veterinarians are best trained for the zombie apocalypse, they can transfer those skills over to any other doomsday event.

From their website:

Now, under normal circumstances, of course, we would never recommend that a veterinarian treat a human, but in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, well … physicians might be hard to come by, governing boards and malpractice laws are out the window, and if one of your party is bleeding to death, a veterinarian just might give that person the best chance of survival.
It makes sense.  The article is entertaining, but still practical in a quirky way.  Finish reading it here.

Prepare Your Heart – Part 2

Writing about preparing your heart for hard times ahead can bring disagreement between Christian groups as well as unbelievers. Some of us think self-defense and preparation will be necessary. Others trust God will provide all our needs. The first group believes we must defend ourselves and many in the latter group promote peace at all cost even unto death.

I have confidence Jesus expects us to prepare for these dark days. The following are examples of God warning his people and telling them to get ready.

  1. God had Noah build the ark in preparation of the flood.
  2. He sent Joseph to Egypt. When the forewarning of a famine came, Joseph stored food for seven years so there would be enough.  When the drought came upon the land Joseph’s family was saved as well as all of Egypt.
  3. Revelation was written to warn of evil times ahead and the call to return to God. I do not know if we are actually getting close to the end. But evil is growing.

I am in ‘the prepare your heart’ group. I believe Jesus gives us the right and obligation to defend ourselves and our families because the time will come we will be persecuted.

Luke 22:35-38 (NKJV)
35 And He said to them, “When I sent you without money bag, knapsack, and sandals, did you lack anything?” So they said, “Nothing.” 36 Then He said to them, “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one. 37 For I say to you that this which is written must still be accomplished in Me: ‘And He was numbered with the transgressors.’ For the things concerning Me have an end.” 38 So they said, “Lord, look, here are two swords.” And He said to them, “It is enough.” John 15:20 (NKJV) 20 Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also.

 Jesus makes it clear…people persecuted Him and considered him an outlaw. He implies the same will happen to his followers. So, He tells his disciples, if you don’t own a sword, go buy one. I interpret this to mean we have the right and obligation to defend ourselves and above all our children.

In our society, negative feelings about faith and Christianity in particular are common. There is a deliberate effort to remove any mention of God, Jesus or faith from our government, schools and workplaces. In our universities, people of faith are ridiculed and belittled by zealous professors and students. Young children cannot wear any clothing to school that speaks of Christian faith without being asked to remove it. Any time we disagree with the prevailing opinion of the media or politically correct, we are mocked.

My heart aches even considering what is ahead, what could happen. I’m certain many struggle with this. However, it’s important to settle what you’ll do and how you’ll react now. Here are some questions to consider.

  1.  What do you believe and going to do when faced with situations out of your control?  Food and fuel shortages, possible bank closures…you get the picture.
  2. Would you pull the trigger and shoot someone who tries to steal from you or kill you for your supplies. (If any of this happens, people will become distressed. Desperate people will steal, hurt or killing others to provide for themselves and their families.)
  3. Do you have like-minded friends or family you can band together with in hard times? People who are willing to defend you if need be?
  4. Have you resolved your potential actions with your faith?

When asked ‘What would Jesus do?’ by a sister in the Lord, I had to search my own heart. I accept: Jesus loves us and died for us (for everyone). He wants us to live long and happy lives free from worry. He taught we should be giving and share with others. We are the light of the world. Yet, He also warned us the days would become evil and dark. He warned us we would be persecuted. He told us parents would turn against children and children against parents. Nothing could be more heart breaking. And He told us to buy protection.

This brings us back to the beginning. Is your heart prepared to protect and defend your family? Do you have the food and shelter needed to survive if chaos reigns? Jesus died for me…protecting me from eternal death. Should I do any less to protect and defend my family? Should you?

None of this is easy to contemplate. No one wants to consider how far our nation will have to fall to bring us to this kind of chaos. The fact is I’m not sure I could pull the trigger and shoot someone. This is why I’m writing about this now. I’m preparing my own heart.

Donna Benson

Is Your Heart Ready for the Unthinkable to Happen?

Are you prepared?We can prepare all we want, but it is just as important (or more) to think through how you will react when the unthinkable happens.  People who are preparing usually have all the bases covered.  Food, seeds, gardening tools, canning jars, lids, medical supplies, you name it and we’re collecting it.  Many have gone back to basics, becoming or are self-reliant.  But I would venture to say, not many have thought about actually defending themselves or their family.  I’m sure most of you have guns and ammo, but having them and using them are very different things.

In all your preparations for difficult times ahead, how much have you prepared your heart?  What happens when your neighbor comes to take what he can at gun point?  Or a stranger?  How do you deal with the idea of shooting someone to prevent them from killing you and taking your food stocks?  If they ask nicely would it make a difference?  What about the family members you warned numerous times?  The ones who thought you were crazy.  What do you do about them?

What if all the stores close down?  Now you are dependent on what you have stored along with what you can grow.  Will you share?  What are you going to do to protect yourself and your family?  Can you protect them?

Do you have a circle of family or friends who are like-minded and can band together with you?  If you do, can you trust them with your life?

No one wants to think about these things. In a recent conversation, my husband was put on the spot when another man asked him if he would actually shoot someone who came to steal from him.  His answer was yes.  The other man was shocked.  This was his response:

“The Bible tells me I’m responsible for my family first. So if I have excess, I will share. However, if what I have is all I’ll be able to get, I’d have to say no. If they wouldn’t take no for an answer, I’d have to defend myself and my family.”

I have written Flee to the Mountain a fictional story of a community of people who see difficult times ahead and prepare for them. They establish a small ranch completely self-sufficient and off grid. When chaos reigns and terrorist strike, they must pull together to survive.

Right now, this seems extreme, but it wouldn’t take much for it to become reality.  All of the questions raised above need to be settled in your heart (and your spouse’s) before the situation arises.  It is especially important where family is involved.  These are life and death decisions.  Your survival, and that of your family, might come down to the determinations you make right now.  You are preparing because you believe something is on the horizon.  I urge you to at least consider your options and discuss them with your loved ones.  Don’t wait until a split second decision might put you or a loved one in grave danger.


Book Review: Surviving Doomsday

Where we live is susceptible to almost every natural disaster.  Since it only snows about every 100 years here, that isn’t a problem.   Everything else is up for grabs.  Currently we are experiencing the worst drought I have ever seen.  If there is dew on the grass we feel blessed.  While we live in a semi-rural area, we live just 20 miles from a large city and just 180 miles in two directions from two large metropolitan cities.  Things could get hairy in a hurry if things went bad.

Considering how many people are not prepared for an emergency and the current state of international politics, unprepared people need something to bring them up to speed quickly.  While you can’t get every skill you need from a book, you can get all the information you need right now from Surviving Doomsday by Richard Duarte.

Most people skip the introductions in books.  When you read this book, make sure you read it first.  The story is compelling and heartfelt.  It is why the book exists.  If you are not a prepper, you should be after you read the introduction.

Surviving Doomsday is not for “doomsday preppers” as seen on T.V.  This well written book is for the average person.  Anyone can pick up this book and gain the knowledge they need to prepare.  Even if you have been prepping for a long time, this book will be useful to you.  It helps you think of things you might not have thought.

Lists are provided to make your shopping and packing easier.  Advice on preparing your mind and body for a world changing event is offered.  This is a good read dedicated to helping all people become prepared for any emergency.  And that is something we don’t have enough people doing.


Recycle and Reuse Series: Metal

Scrap Metal RecyclingNot everyone has a junk heap in the back yard or a pile of metal scraps out behind the barn.  But if you do, you know the value of metals.  That’s why you put each piece of metal in the pile.  You know it’s good for something, but you didn’t quite know what for, yet.  And so the pile grows.

If, on the other hand, you are the person who cleans out the shed or garage every now and then and hauls stuff off to the dump, stop and take a second look.  What in that pile is made of metal?  If you find you have thrown out metal objects take it back off the truck!

Ok, got that straightened out.  Now, what to do with that pile of junk?  First, sort it according to type of metal (iron, lead, steel, nickel, aluminum, other particular alloys).  Be sure to wash after handling lead and batteries.  Sorting metal is important because it is easier to find what you need when you need it; and if you sell it you will get more for it if it is already sorted.  Metal recycling companies pay less per pound if they have to sort it.

If you want to get fancy you can build bins to store it.  The bin would keep sharp edges inside, protecting people who pass by from potentially harmful cuts and scrapes.

Now for the tough decisions.  Almost every city with a population of 250,000 or more has a recycle company that buys all kinds of metal.  Some will even come get it without charging you for it.  But, as a prepper, do you want to sell it?  Selling the metal will give you extra money for purchasing preps or just paying the bills.  Keeping the metal should mean you have the equipment and skills to refashion the metal into something you need, or you know someone who will.

Once you have decided to keep the metal, it is important to make sure it won’t rust or corrode in it’s storage container.  Some climates, especially coastal regions, are hard on metal.  The salt air is continually at work to destroy some metals.  Paint and varnish fumes would be a problem if you need to apply heat to the metals.  Grease and oil  each provide a suitable barrier to protect your metals from corrosion and rust but will need to be washed off prior to use or applying heat.

Happy Prepping!



Preppers Knowledge Bank: Winter Blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder, or Sunlight Deprivation

Sunshine Fights DepressionAll humans, and most animals, need a certain amount of sunlight to survive.  If you are a prepper who plans to use a bunker or be a cave-dweller , it is important to take this into consideration.  Spending large amounts of time in dimly lit areas can bring about situations scary movies are made of.

The human body needs one hour of sunlight a day to survive.  That’s survive.  That doesn’t include a condition better than mere survival mode.  It has long been known Vitamin D prevents many diseases, but beyond that most people don’t know the “list”.  Indeed,the list is quite long.  It includes such things as improvements in asthma to bone health and can kill bad bacteria and improve heart health.

Whether you want to call it “seasonal affective disorder” or “winter blues” it can be depression brought on by lack of sunshine.  For some people, just being outside will quickly improve their mood.  The need to be outside is natural as evidenced by the number of outdoor fun activities people engage in daily.

But, what does being outside mean?  If I cover myself from head to toe with no part of my body exposed to the sun, I might as well stay indoors.  The same is true if I cover myself with harmful sunscreen products.  The benefit of the sun are blocked along with the negligible hazards.  Consider that 65,000 people world wide die of skin cancer.  Now consider that globally almost 1.24 million people die in traffic accidents.

No matter what, make certain every member of your family gets enough sunshine when the getting is good.  What if the sun isn’t available due to shortened days or being indoors most of (or all) of the time?  There are vitamin D supplements to prevent diseases by providing  vitamin D in the blood to allow the immune system to function.  Without Vitamin D your immune system can not function.

Installing full spectrum light bulbs are useful in replacing some of what you are missing and are certainly better than nothing.   Simply turn it on and enjoy a book, or better yet, this website.  Full spectrum lights are available at Lowe’s and Home Depot as well as other hardware and home improvement stores.  When preparing for a SHTF event, also consider adding a “sunrise” light to to wake up naturally.  It will improve and encourage a natural sleep pattern.  Combining the full spectrum light with the natural sunrise light, you’ll have your days and nights covered.



Mayo Clinic


U. S. News

Recycle and Reuse Series: Paper

Everyone knows about recycling paper.  Or do they?  Lets take another look.  A quick internet search brings up about 50 ways to reuse paper in its Recycle Paperpresent form.  Everything from starting fires to lining pet cages, even the centuries old habit of using an old envelope as note paper is listed on some of the websites. One suggests cutting the envelopes into strips.  Most people just write on them.

One topic few people mention when discussing recycling, reusing and storing paper is the matter of safety.  While writing this article not one source mentioned the need for safety procedures.  The internet age has made it less necessary for mountains of paper to be produced and stored.  However, there are some occupations which bring more paper into your life than others.    Newspaper distribution carriers are one example.  They change out the old papers for the new ones in those nifty little newspaper boxes.  They end up with stacks of newspapers because they were not allowed to throw them away for a certain period of time.

Paper is heavy.  Be careful how you store it.  If a stack of paper falls, people and creatures can be seriously injured.  If the room where paper is stored catches fire, it will be very difficult to put it out and the fire will spread quickly across the room.  Some things to remember when storing paper:

  • store paper in boxes with lids and stack them neatly against walls or on shelves.
  • do not store unevenly matched boxes on top of each other or they may fall
  • do not store stacks of boxes in the middle of the room, they are easily bumped and will fall
  • do not store in a room where there is a furnace, hot water heater nor fireplace
  • it is preferable to store paper in a barn or shed, away from living areas.

Reusing paper starts with sorting it into “slicks” and plain paper.  Slick, also called glossy, paper is less water absorbent than plain paper, but it will eventually be just as wet.  To tell the difference between slick or plain paper, simply slide your finger across it.  Once you have it sorted you may begin recycling and reusing it in various ways from making jewelry from slicks to making fire logs from plain paper.

One use for reusing plain paper is to make new paper from the old.  Once the paper is made you can use it for any number of items such as greeting cards and personalized stationary.  This paper can also be used to make hand sewn books or books with glued bindings.  These items are especially desired because of the personalization of the item for the person who will receive it as a gift or as an heirloom handed down from generation to generation.

Regardless of your reason for storing paper, it is important to know that it is one item a prepper can collect free of charge.  All the prepper needs to do is remove plastic from envelopes, staples from pages, and sort it as slick or plain.  If the purpose is to make new paper they will need simple, inexpensive items for paper making.  Unfortunately, paper making is fun, creative and useful.  Therefore, you might find yourself making paper when you should be engaging in some other activities.

Making a book using my own home made paper has long been on the “to do list”.  I can’t just make one, I must make several because each child, and now grandchild, will get one.

These are the Google searches we used Recycle and Reuse Paper Search and Paper Making

Everybody thinks he or she is an expert on politics, Same with opinions on Fluoride

If you have spent your hard earned money on treatment for decay and gum disease, it only follows that you don’t want to have these problems recur.  When I started dental school I started the long process of finding out what research was all about.  You can’t believe just one or two studies.  There needs to be multiple studies in professional journals that say approximately the same thing.   There can be only one variable.  There is a tremendous amount of dental research backing the use of fluoride to prevent decay.   The dental profession is pro fluoride, the health professionals who are not dentists say fluoride is bad.

Fluoride was discovered naturally occurring in some areas in Texas and Colorado.  It was noted that the over supply of fluoride in the drinking water Most brands of toothpaste contains fluoride.caused ugly yellow and white spotted teeth..but it stopped the decay process.  Further studies found that by adding a very small amount of fluoride in the water would help form decay resistant teeth if the water is used from birth (when the permanent teeth start forming) until all the teeth have formed and erupted in the mouth.  Using fluoride  toothpaste and mouthwash helps slightly after the teeth have errupted if early decay develops.  The fluoride replaces the demineralized enamel and makes the tooth as good a new, but you need to clean daily as I mentioned previously.  If you neglect cleaning  the dental disease recurs and your prepper supply money is spent at the dental office for root canal treatment and eventual extractions.  The dental community feels that fluoride is a essential nutritional element needed for dental health.  There is no proof that is is harmful, except for newborns.  The recommendations have changed because too much can cause damage, like any medicine.  You shouldn’t swallow toothpaste, spit it out.  Little kids will swallow, so limit the amount to the size of a pea.   Ask a Pedodontist (children’s dentist) for the current recommendations.

I participated in dentat research concerning decay in floridated and non-floridated communities while in dental school.  The difference was appalling !  Statistics are one thing, but looking into the mouths of children who did not have fluoride was shocking.  I later published research results on a type of stannous fluoride in mouthwash concerning early gum disease in adults.   It reduced the bleeding tendency, but didn’t improve the gingivitis scores.  (I didn’t become world famous with negative results.)

The non-dental side says fluoride is a medicine and they chose not to take this medicine.    Claims that it causes problems are anecdotal claims, but not proven.  If you don’t want to use fluoride, use baking soda, I don’t care, I don’t have stock in the companies.  I’m retired, and the other dentists can use the extra business.  I tell my grandchildren to use fluoride toothpaste and Act fluoride mouthwash.  They still eat candy and don’t brush or clean like I want.  I just paid $1000 for fillings on a grandson.  Life isn’t fair!

Stockpile baking soda as a prepper, it has many uses in addition to being an abrasive tooth cleaner.  You can buy several pounds of baking soda at pool supply stores.  Very cheap, store in empty coffee cans.  Don’t brush too hard with it or you can wear sensitive grooves at the intersection of your teeth and the gums.  Then you need sensitivity tooth paste to treat the sensitive grooves.  Sensitivity toothpaste with potassium nitrate as the active ingredient is the best for that.  That toothpaste is not for bleeding gums, but for sensitivity to hot or cold from exposed or grooved roots.

Next time the topic will be the chemicals and drugs used to treat periodontal disease.  Do they help you and bleeding gums or the corporations?