Solar Cooking on the Cheap and Easy

Solar cooking is easy ad economical.Everyone needs a solar cooker.  Even if they think they may never use it they need one.  You know, just in case.  They can be range in price to $350.00, or they can be as cheap as a roll of aluminum foil and a cardboard box.  It’s up to you, but it’s important.  With just a few mouse clicks there is a wealth of information about solar cookers, their design, and how to build them.  Once you get a solar cooker, make sure you practice solar cooking.  Your electric bill might like it so much you use it every day.  Here are a few ideas we thought were worthy of mentioning.

While these are intended for people who are at least as smart as a fifth grader, they will work for anyone:

If you are as smart as a college student, you can recycle your pizza box:

And for dummies:

Some wikis on the topic:

An interesting plan from India:

Here you can learn to build solar cookers and solar dehydrators:

photo by: EBKauai