Sink Holes and other Dangers to Stored Goods

If you have all your preps in some geological unstable locations, you could lose them to a sink hole.  In just a few states, the house is covered by homeowner’s insurance. That means when the house falls though the hole the insurance company must settle for the house and contents, but not the land.  If the lot was valued at $25,000, your loss.  The loss of the land makes it difficult to get a similarly priced home since you have to come up with the difference.  However, in Florida both the house and the land are covered, allowing you to find a similar home.

But, what about your stored goods?  Your insurance company spells out what is covered, they will pay out the loss, and in some cases might cover a little bit more.  But, all insurance companies draw the line somewhere.

Just like other natural disasters, or in the case of sink holes, some not so natural, you need to know what your policy says and covers.  Two states, require insurance companies to cover sink holes, Tennessee and Florida.  Tennessee does not require coverage of the land.  The rest of the states?  Not so much.

There are other dangers to our stored goods.  Insurance companies offer riders, project, and other policies that can be used to protect insured persons from losses.  They are usually inexpensive and will cover the cost of replacing your goods or projects.  For instance, homeowners policies allow a certain amount for electronics, a rider will increase that amount according to what ever amount you are willing to pay extra.

In any event, check out your location to see what disasters your area might be likely to endure, but would cause you to lose your stored goods above your insurance policy coverage.

For some information about sink holes and what causes them, take a look at the video.