Should Preppers Use Stored Water During Drought?

Water consumption is limited during a drought.In a word, no.  No, you should not, even if your well goes dry, as long as you can get water from any other source.  Even if you have to drive a long distance to haul water, you should not use your water preps.  It took a long time and much effort to get those water resources built up.  In fact, you should continue to build up your supply even in the face of drought.  You will know when to use your water supply.

  • Buy bottled drinking water for drinking and cooking.  It’s cheaper than soda.  Stop buying soda if money is an issue.
  • Fill jugs in water supply stores.  Many of these stores are found in California.
  • Contact a local water delivery service which services water coolers.  They will deliver water in three to five gallon containers, or maybe larger.
  • Contact a water hauling company to deliver water in bulk.  Treat this water like lake water.
  • If you live on the ocean, install a desalinization plant on your property.
  • Remember public lakes and some rivers will most likely be considered part of the public water supply.  Pumping from these sources might be prohibited during a severe drought.



photo by: rich115