Sequestering: How Will it Affect Preppers?

It seems everyone is waiting to see if  congress and the president are going to allow sequestering on Friday.  In two previous articles about this topic, States Show Concern about Automatic Budget Cuts Effects and Sequestering:  What’s Really on the  List? we discuss the history of sequestering and the causes of the current situation. In the last in the series we will look at how sequestering may affect Preppers.  For the purposes of this discussion, preppers are those who will be affected primary, secondary or tertiary levels of government furloughs.  The primary level are those who will be furloughed or other wise unemployed immediately.  Secondary and tertiary levels will field the difficulties as business and government agencies react to the budget cuts.

Preppers who have these resources set aside will not lose their homes or run out of cash immediately:

  • financial resources set aside for emergencies will be able to meet their financial needs until those resources run out
  • a food supply set aside for this purpose.  Using it will decrease financial drains.
  • alternate sources of electricity
  • alternate source for heat
  • a supply of medicines

Some parts of the family lifestyle will change and others will not.

  • The furloughed family member(s) will have extra time to spend with family and friend as well as working on those prepping projects they didn’t have time fore.
  • Homeschoolers won’t notice the cuts on educational spending.  The education of their children will continue as it always has.
  • Families will immediately decide how to use the available food resources and may choose not to use water resources.

Since many rural Prepper families have alternate forms of electricity and heat, their primary concern will be financial resources.   All furloughed personnel will want to maximize income during this period.  People will file for unemployment because in many cases they are not allowed to hold other jobs. The furlough shifts the burden of paying government employees to the states in terms of filing for unemployment benefits.

Furloughs in the past have been conducted in such a way that government shut down for a week and then for an additional 22 days under President Clinton.  Both of those furloughs took place during the holiday season.  This was just enough time off to make it difficult for people to get unemployment benefits and make the holidays of the families more difficult.

Given all the implications of a furlough, whether they be for a week or a month, this situation exemplifies why one should prepare for an emergency.   Even our own government can cause emergency situations for families.  Prepared families will simply buckle down and play monopoly and go sledding with their children.  When it’s over they will replenish their cash supply as quickly as possible.


Author: Joshua

I was preaching prepping in the early 80's. Then, I was called crazy. Recently those same people said they should have listened. It just seems to me that things really haven't changed that much except the likelihood of nuclear attacks, biological warfare, and geophysical calamities have increased instead of decreasing. The economy? It's all over but the shouting. I work with some local friends, I hope you like their sites: **As do all good preppers, I use a pseudonym.