Privacy Policy

Let's-Go-ShoppingAdvertising pays for this site’s fees. We advertise for various companies whose products are of interest to ourselves. We figure as preppers they might interest you too.

All advertisers use cookies to determine if their advertisements are being viewed. If they are not being viewed, they may choose not to continue to advertise. That would be bad for this site.

We collect no data. Advertisers collect information that is not personally identifiable so they stand a better chance of getting your attention.

Google has to allow you to opt out of their cookie program if you want. They do this by offering an “addon” to your browser. It can be found at

We didn’t opt out because we want to support the sites which rely on advertisements for their income. It’s not like prepper sites 1952-icing-cakemake a lot of money.

Besides, its not like we can opt out of the NSA or anything. I’d rather give my non-personally identifiable information to web sites I choose to support rather than all of my information to the NSA without my approval.

If you send us email or give us your name and phone number, it stays private. Jut between us. We won’t share, sell or rent it out. On this site you are as anonymous as you wish to be. We won’t do anything with any information gathered by advertisers cookies. Well, that pretty much sums it up.