How Preppers are Affected by Stalling Strategies

Interacting with people who use stalling strategies and how stalling can effect preppers is not an easy topic to discuss because it will call into question some issues previously unrecognized.  At the very least, you begin to recognize when someone is using stalling strategies to get what they want without giving you what you want.

Often, as preppers, we are encouraged and also encourage preppers to form groups to share information and for mutual support and protection.  Most of us would agree this is necessary.  No one can truly make it on his own, unless he knows all the plants to eat and has found a location that no other person in the country will also forage or hunt.  There in lies the entire purpose for communities from the beginning of recorded history.

Let’s talk about the act of stalling.  “Stall: a ruse or tactic used to mislead or delay”, therefore, by definition, it is intended to deceive others for some unknown purpose.   Procrastination on the other hand, is simply being lazy or fearful.  The trick is to tell the two apart.

The person who stalls is acting deliberately, so you will not likely see the personality traits of fear or laziness in their everyday habit.  Here are some tips on how to tell if someone is stalling you:

  • They start asking questions about other topics.  Since you are likely to know the answer, they know you will likely answer them and give them time to think about their plan of action.
  • Requests for restrooms, drinks of water or any other request that seems ill timed
  • Sudden emotional outburst designed to get you to feel sorry for them for an unrelated issue
  • story or joke telling designed to engage you in conversation about a different subject
  • Promises are made but rarely or never kept.

All of these methods stop what ever is happening at that moment while giving the person time to think about what to do or say next before the last stall strategy wore off.

All of this is important if you have allowed someone into your community who behaves in this manner.  This person will not contribute well during good times, but will come to you in an emergency and expect you to take him in.  He will even try to get you to remember how much he did for you.

So, before you trust someone enough to let him into your prepper stores, make certain he is truly committed and that he is not going to engage in stalling.  Making sure tasks are within his physical and financial abilities, ask him to do a variety of easy, moderate, and difficult things to further the community.  The person who stalls will not be someone you want inside later.

At the very least, you will know where he draws the line.  Will it be at easy, moderate, or difficult?  Where ever that line is, that is how it will always be.



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Author: Joshua

I was preaching prepping in the early 80's. Then, I was called crazy. Recently those same people said they should have listened. It just seems to me that things really haven't changed that much except the likelihood of nuclear attacks, biological warfare, and geophysical calamities have increased instead of decreasing. The economy? It's all over but the shouting. I work with some local friends, I hope you like their sites: **As do all good preppers, I use a pseudonym.