Heirloom Seeds, Canning Jars + Lids

Have your ordered your Heirloom Seeds?

I spent time yesterday ordering seeds. I like a company called:  Anne’s Seeds.  It is a family owned operation. I noticed their seed potatoes are already gone.  I simply didn’t get it done in time. But you should be able to purchase them locally.

Anne’s Seeds has a list of her favorites as well as the tried and true varieties. I have been going through the medicinal herbs and adding to my collection. A good book on these would be a good addition to your library. I have not found one yet I would recommend so if you know of one pass it along. There are many companies selling heirloom seeds. I urge you to stick with Heirlooms as you can harvest the seeds and save them for next year.

Anne’s has a good explanation on how to save tomato seeds. It is worth taking a look at.

Side note: The government in England is trying to outlaw heirloom seeds. I guess the big seed corporations want to ensure people must buy from them every year because most of their seeds are sterile. I heard rumblings recently they want to do something like that in the US. It’s probably best if you begin to stock up now.

What about canning jars?

If you had to can all your own food how many jars would it take to feed your family for a year? I can remember growing up, my grandmothers spent hours canning. I can still see the rows and rows of filled jars of fruits and vegetables. Yet through the years, canning has been replaced by the convenience of canned goods from the grocery store. However, consider if you can’t purchase food at the store you’ll need to grow it and preserve it yourself. You will need hundreds of jars and lids. If you figure you need to open several jars for each meal…well you can do the math. Every family is different. But that’s a lot of jars…jars you will have trouble getting if stores are closed or supplies are gone. Pints, quarts and even half gallons are among our supplies.

What about lids?

Where canning jars can be reused, many lids cannot be. I found Tattler Reusable lids.  We used them last year and found them to work really well. They are a bit pricey, but the ability to use them year after year is a plus. I am still buying some the tried and true lids. They are in my storage room also.

Don’t forget extra rings.

Through the years the rings will get rusty so it’s a good idea to have extra rings on hand as well.  They make a plastic lid for the jars you can use after opening that are easier than using the canning lids and rings. They are not expensive and much more convenient.

Wax will work

I can remember my mom using wax to seal preserves. You can still do this, but it is not popular according to the research I’ve done.  However, having wax around to make candles is a good idea.

I would consider purchasing some of all of the above as you can afford them. It is always better to be ahead of the crowds and better safe than sorry. I know this is a repeat, but I think this is important to consider and start purchasing.

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It’s my hope you have a blessed week.

Author: Donna Benson

Believing in Jesus is the foundation of my life. My husband Bob, children and grandchildren are my encouragement and the force behind my desire to prepare for the future. Bob and I are long haul truck drivers. I write Christian fiction and articles of preparation and encouragement in my off time.