Greenhouse or Garden Plot?

Most gardeners have a plot of land, small or large, to raise garden vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  Depending on where you live, you may wish to have a greenhouse to lengthen your growing season.  Both types of gardening have advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s talk about the advantages of the time honored plot of ground.  In a perfect world, this is the best way to grow produce.  Rain sprinkles down at just the right time, the sun shines 13.7 hours a day on average, and the dirt provides all the nutrients plants need to grow strong and healthy.

Except, drought is expected every few years, or sometimes several years in a row.  Local wild life eat your produce before you can pick it.  Weeds are constantly encroaching on your plants.  That is if the bugs, molds and diseases don’t kill them off first.  Just to throw in a little excitement, moles and gophers uproot your garden, causing your plants to die.

A properly set up greenhouse can provide a growing environment, the right amount of sunlight, moisture, and the weeds don’t get in so easily.  The downside of greenhouses mostly depend on latitude.  They need heat in the winter and appropriate ventilation in the summer.  In the subtropic latitudes over heating the greenhouse must be guarded against.

If you live in a region that gets snow, you will need a more expensive greenhouse that can tolerate the added weight.  In the southern regions you will have to install cooling systems to protect your fragile plants.

Placing garden cloth and mulch on the floor of your greenhouse keeps out weeds and stuff just like it does in the garden plot.

Greenhouses come in all sorts of construction, sizes and prices.  It is important to plan your choices based on what Tunnel Greenhouse
your greenhouse is going to endure.  Snow in the winter, high winds year around, searing heat all determine how long your greenhouse will last.

Greenhouses change the way you garden.  Containers instead of in the ground, usually.  Consider the amount of space you will need and how you will use it.  Will you also hang baskets overhead?  If so, plan for that extra strength.  Maybe you will experiment with growing plants in water only.  Greenhouses allow you to produce more produce with less soil.

Maybe a greenhouse would be great, but the additional heating expenses during winter months will be excessive.  For those regions, converting a room of the house into a plant room could serve as a greenhouse.  Installing grow lights in strategic locations will provide the hours of light needed in winter when daylight is in short supply.

No matter what type of gardening you prefer, one thing is for sure, when there is a world-changing event, having the ability to grow produce year around can make all the difference in the world.