Garden App Review

Considering how much work goes into a garden, everyone wants to be as effective and efficient as possible.  You would think that a garden app would be helpful. Not necessarily so. Well, actually, the apps reviewed here were all geared towards the beginner gardener. They all contained only basic information. Some of them were still useful.  Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her opinions.  Your experience may be different.

**Apps were used on a Galaxy Samsung 10.1 Tablet.

Burpee's Garden Time Planner Most common garden vegetables, herbs and flowers are included.
Easy to use. It has a to-do list so you can check off the plants you have planted.
Not very many plants or seeds.
Not specific to each variety of each plant.
Not much information - one to three sentences each.
If a variety gets input more than one time you can't delete just one, they all get deleted.
No Calendar format.
While it asks for your zip code, it does not supply regional specific information.
Mostly for collecting demographic information and email addresses of potential customers.
You can not pinch to expand or decrease the display.

Result: This app will be deleted.
The Gardeners a list of garden chores and seeds to plant
Displays instructions to tend various plants and trees.
Individual produce selections have instructions for sowing, growing, and companion planting.
Provides a “Guides” section which gives instructions on cultivation, harvesting rain water, and other helpful topics.
It only displays one month at a time with no way to look ahead to the next month.
Assumes all gardeners will prefer to grow the same set of fruits and vegetables.
Only a small number of plant varieties for the vegetable garden is included.
You can not pinch to expand or decrease the display.

Result: This app is useful to persons living in UK, or like climate regions of the world.
Greenhouse Growing That WorksNeatly organized e-book publication.
Chapters are separated into appropriate categories.
Information is useful to the beginner greenhouse builder or greenhouse user.
The book is free to download.
You can not pinch to expand or decrease the display.
It has formatting errors that may or may not interfere with readability.
100% of the information came from internet sites and are paraphrased into the e-book.
This e-book advertised as an app is designed to sell advertising, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Result: Deleting the app.
Garden Plants Growing Guide -------This app stalled when plant variety was selected. The only way to exit the program is to force stop or restart the device.
Result: Program uninstalled.
Home Vegetable GardeningThis book is full of useful information.
It is divided into chapters and parts.
Digi-Media Apps got a royalty free book possibly from the Gutenberg Project and repackaged it as an app.
It is poorly formatted
Tables and charts are nearly impossible to use.
The language is circa 1911 (date of original publication) and often frustrating to read because of the extra words and language use uncommon today.
Result: Deleting this version and will install the Kindle version from
Building Your Own GreenhouseProvides a good amount of information for those who are considering building or buying a greenhouseMost of the information can be found with wa quick search on the internet.
It is only a preview of 25 pages, several of which are disclaimers and legal notices.
It is an e-book, not an app.
Result: Since we are not beginners, this is going to be deleted.
About Greenhouse GrowingOnce inside the app, choose “Greenhouse Growing E-book which is really “All About Greenhouse Growing!”
For beginners who wish to use greenhouses.
This is the same book as “Greenhouses that Work”, only better.
The app is not straight-forward about the app or e-book. Only after you install it do you realize it's about advertising.
Some parts of the app do not work or load.
The videos are YouTube videos
Mostly this is another avenue to sell advertising.

Result: This app will be deleted.