Free Prepping Series: Part 5: Planning Your Stash

Earlier we discussed travel routes and the planning required to get out of town in the shortest amount of time possible.  Today we are going to talk about planning your stashes.   Just a reminder, planning costs nothing and help you determine your financial needs and prioritize your goals.  Planning is worth a great deal.  If you have read the primer series, you already have an idea of what you have on hand and what you will be gathering for prepping purposes.

When TSHTF, you may or may not be able to access cash, and even if you do have cash, you may not be able to buy what you need.  It is best to have necessities stashed along the way to your bug out location.  Even if this is all hypothetical for you, it is important to engage in the process of planning.

What goes into your stash containers depends on you and your family’s special needs.  If you know you have to travel further than your fuel tanks hold, you need to plan fuel stashes.  The same goes for water and food stashes to supply one to three days each.  Consider the women in your group that will have female needs.  The point is to meticulously evaluate the needs of each person and compile a list of things each will need to have restocked if you have to bust open a stash.

Once you have the aggregated supply list, figure out which parts can be broken into separate stashes.  Now it is time to devise the containers.  Some people claim to be able to make containers that can’t be detected by metal detectors.  If you can do that, awesome, but I don’t really think you can.  Next time you go to the hardware store, check out the items you would need to make your stash containers.  The idea is to get an idea of the time involved, complexity and the price for making one container.  You still haven’t spent any money, but now you are that much more ready to get prepared.  You have knowledge and skills you didn’t have before.

Now that you know what goes in the containers, how many containers you need, where the containers will be placed, and how much money you need to build and fill each container you are ready to begin preparing the containers as you find the resources.  You can place them when driving your exit routes, or place them as  you build them so they are already in play if you need them.  No matter what, devise a way to remember where you placed them.  They do you no good if you don’t can’t get to them when you need them.