Free Prepping Series, Part 2: Organization

Proper prepping means thinking about organization and what it means to a prepper.  Becoming organized is something you can do for no cost.  Everyone can organize their preps, especially a beginning prepper.  As a beginning prepper, your organization task is much easier than someone who has just been stuffing their things in a room or garage for the last 15 years.  If you have read  “Getting Started: A Primer Series for New Preppers” and have done those things, then you know you have stuff to organize.

If your food preps are not sorted, labeled and dated, you will not be able to use your supply in the order in which it ages out.  It is important to use the oldest foods first to prevent waste or illness.  Store food supplies in dry, cool, dark areas.  I can’t say how many times preppers go to a lot of work to prepare and save food items then store it in inappropriate places or in rooms with sunlight.  Many of those prepping efforts are wasted.

People don’t think about clothing and sewing supplies as perishable.Prepping Fabric

They are.  Fabric will rot over time if exposed to air.  It gets moldy and moths and dust mites get in it.  Thread decays and weakens.  Test thread by wrapping around a finger on each hand and pull it with a snap.  The easier it breaks the more rotted it is.  Elastic also gives out over time.  It is possible to save the products in much the same manners as food items by vacuum sealing plastic bags.

The same goes for almost everything else you will be setting aside as preps.  Pay attention to how you store them.  Nothing lasts forever.

Organizing and planning how and where you will store your items will save you years of trouble and heartache.