Everybody thinks he or she is an expert on politics, Same with opinions on Fluoride

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If you have spent your hard earned money on treatment for decay and gum disease, it only follows that you don’t want to have these problems recur.  When I started dental school I started the long process of finding out what research was all about.  You can’t believe just one or two studies.  There needs to be multiple studies in professional journals that say approximately the same thing.   There can be only one variable.  There is a tremendous amount of dental research backing the use of fluoride to prevent decay.   The dental profession is pro fluoride, the health professionals who are not dentists say fluoride is bad.

Fluoride was discovered naturally occurring in some areas in Texas and Colorado.  It was noted that the over supply of fluoride in the drinking water Most brands of toothpaste contains fluoride.caused ugly yellow and white spotted teeth..but it stopped the decay process.  Further studies found that by adding a very small amount of fluoride in the water would help form decay resistant teeth if the water is used from birth (when the permanent teeth start forming) until all the teeth have formed and erupted in the mouth.  Using fluoride  toothpaste and mouthwash helps slightly after the teeth have errupted if early decay develops.  The fluoride replaces the demineralized enamel and makes the tooth as good a new, but you need to clean daily as I mentioned previously.  If you neglect cleaning  the dental disease recurs and your prepper supply money is spent at the dental office for root canal treatment and eventual extractions.  The dental community feels that fluoride is a essential nutritional element needed for dental health.  There is no proof that is is harmful, except for newborns.  The recommendations have changed because too much can cause damage, like any medicine.  You shouldn’t swallow toothpaste, spit it out.  Little kids will swallow, so limit the amount to the size of a pea.   Ask a Pedodontist (children’s dentist) for the current recommendations.

I participated in dentat research concerning decay in floridated and non-floridated communities while in dental school.  The difference was appalling !  Statistics are one thing, but looking into the mouths of children who did not have fluoride was shocking.  I later published research results on a type of stannous fluoride in mouthwash concerning early gum disease in adults.   It reduced the bleeding tendency, but didn’t improve the gingivitis scores.  (I didn’t become world famous with negative results.)

The non-dental side says fluoride is a medicine and they chose not to take this medicine.    Claims that it causes problems are anecdotal claims, but not proven.  If you don’t want to use fluoride, use baking soda, I don’t care, I don’t have stock in the companies.  I’m retired, and the other dentists can use the extra business.  I tell my grandchildren to use fluoride toothpaste and Act fluoride mouthwash.  They still eat candy and don’t brush or clean like I want.  I just paid $1000 for fillings on a grandson.  Life isn’t fair!

Stockpile baking soda as a prepper, it has many uses in addition to being an abrasive tooth cleaner.  You can buy several pounds of baking soda at pool supply stores.  Very cheap, store in empty coffee cans.  Don’t brush too hard with it or you can wear sensitive grooves at the intersection of your teeth and the gums.  Then you need sensitivity tooth paste to treat the sensitive grooves.  Sensitivity toothpaste with potassium nitrate as the active ingredient is the best for that.  That toothpaste is not for bleeding gums, but for sensitivity to hot or cold from exposed or grooved roots.

Next time the topic will be the chemicals and drugs used to treat periodontal disease.  Do they help you and bleeding gums or the corporations?


photo by: makelessnoise