Daisy State Park and Camp Grounds Review

By cindy

In September we had an opportunity to camp at Daisy State Park, Arkansas. The park was beautiful. For the most part we had the park to ourselves because school had already started. Features offered at the park includes: bath houses a convenience store propane tanks boat ramp kayak …read more

Source: 2pairfarms.com

Author: Joshua

I was preaching prepping in the early 80's. Then, I was called crazy. Recently those same people said they should have listened. It just seems to me that things really haven't changed that much except the likelihood of nuclear attacks, biological warfare, and geophysical calamities have increased instead of decreasing. The economy? It's all over but the shouting. I work with some local friends, I hope you like their sites: http://2pairfarms.com http://southtexasprepper.com **As do all good preppers, I use a pseudonym.