Monsanto, “Villain of Agriculture”? Preppers Grab Your Seed Bags

Heritage or GMO?  Only Monsanto knows for sure.The food supply for  United States citizens, and the global export market, are protected in three ways by the federal government.  First is the Food and Drug Administration.    The FDA requires proper product labeling,  that food sources meet certain health standards and that they are safe for human consumption.  Second is the United States Department of Agriculture.  The USDA inspects meat producers as well as regulates crops.  It is their job to ensure meat and crops are safe before they enter the food supply chain.  In the event that something managed to get past one of these two agencies, both the government and the public had legal recourse options which included criminal as well as civil court options.  That is until last week.

President Obama signed into law a bill that specifically protects Monsanto, a bio-tech company, from court cases.  That means if we get injured in any way by a Monsanto product neither the government nor citizens can take legal action against Monsanto.  Indeed, the bill was drafted with direct input from Monsanto to a former employee, Senator Roy Blunt.  Mr. Blunt (R – Missouri) received more than $64K from Monsanto in the form of campaign contributions.  So, let’s see,  Blunt works for Monsanto as an attorney, he runs for political office with the full support of Monsanto, and in return Blunt sponsors a bill that runs through congress and Obama signed.

Where should one begin when analyzing this event?  Precedent? First amendment rights?  Danger to the public?  Big business in bed with government against little guys?  Government approval of big business bullying little guys to force them out of business? Food safety?  Loss of plant variety?

Considering all these issues, it is certainly important that all preppers gather their heritage seeds now.  Since Monsanto and friends have been given a free pass for eternity, agriculture will become more and more difficult.

Tune in for more on this issue.