Android App Review: Congress

Congress App Watches Capitol Hill All of us want to keep up with what Congress is up to.  Until recently, it was very difficult.  For centuries people had to rely on newspapers and word of mouth.  Radio and television made public officials seem more accountable since news could now travel at the speed of light instead of the speed of horses.  Even so, the information was also at the mercy of broadcasters who have their own agendas and slants about the information they provided.

Now, not only can you get information at the speed of light, but you can get it without someone else’s opinion or agenda.  That is if you get the Congress app.  The Sunlight Foundation is dedicated to making information available as soon as possible without applying their own agenda.  Their only agenda is to supply the information.  You decide what to do with it.  Your own values are used to evaluate the information.

The app is easy to use and customization is up to you.  You can follow certain parts of government, people in government, or just follow certain bills as they make their way through the process.  You can read the abstracts or the complete texts of bills, along with changes.  It was simple to access my senator’s voting records as far back as January 11, 2009.

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