About Joshua Livengood

About Joshua LivengoodWe don’t want any confusion about who is Joshua Livengood.  Joshua Livengood is a pseudonym for the editors of The Daily Prepper News.  Joshua is married and he and his wife (Red Fish) contribute to this publication interchangeably.  All contributions from other persons are so noted and credit given.  You can view Red Fish’s other sites at The Manual and South Texas Prepepr.

Joshua is a former nuke sub-mariner mechanic – all things nuclear, propulsion, electric, boat’s systems, security and tactical expert, expert marksman.  Currently working as an industrial mechanic and millwright.  His interests include bow and firearm hunting, salt and freshwater fishing, kayaking, camping, hiking.

Red Fish got her pseudonym because she is having an ongoing battle with a certain red fish that keeps jumping the hook right as it is about to get in the kayak.  Her interests include everything domestic, gardening, and enjoys the out door sports with Joshua.  She was raised on a farm and has the attitude that the more self reliant you are the more you are independent.  She is a retired high school teacher, entrepreneur, and former journalist.

Their prepper activities and philosophies are not the same as many of those expressed on a popular NATGEO television show.  They know that you can not prepare for every possible emergency, but you can prepare for the most probable emergency such as hurricanes and other natural disasters that regularly occur.   They believe in being prepared for emergencies in a balanced way.  Neither Joshua nor Red Fish believe in stockpiling weapons because that makes you a target for all sorts of trouble they don’t need nor want.  They do believe in pro-active security measures such as security cameras and other appropriate measures.  They do not believe in storing massive amounts of food and other supplies.  Instead, they practice keeping an amount of supplies to carry them through a disaster until things can return to normal.  Further, to avoid aging of their supplies, they use their prepped food supply on occasions they don’t feel like cooking or during camping trips or traveling.



photo by: Hamed Saber